Adventure Education in the Wilderness

The Block semester of the AE program is getting ready to complete their third, and final expedition tomorrow.  These students have previously been out on  4 day and 7 day expeditions to some awesome wilderness venues above Durango Mountain Resort, Vallecito Creek trailhead, Coalbank ,Molas Pass and the Rico-Silverton Trail.  This is an intensive four month experience where the academic focus is only Adventure Education.  The entire semester-in the classroom, in the field, and study and preparation time in-between-is like an expedition, where students are part of a small learning community with shared goals.  These goals are to include academic and personal success, with collaborative support to reach these goals.

On the whole, the faculty considers this to be a demanding semester in terms of the amount of work it requires and the intellectual engagement it will demand.  Most notably, students are expected to think critically and be able to read, synthesize and engage with a  large volume of material in a relatively short time and throughout it all, they have a lot of good times as you can see from these photos!


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