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The Adventure Education Club at Fort Lewis College is up and running!  Stay tuned for more information about our big kick-off event scheduled for Friday, February 11,  2011.  There will be food, prizes, and a super secret activity that will blow your mind!  There will also be several opportunities for your involvement and input; come help shape the direction of YOUR club!

The mission of the Adventure Education Club (AEC) is to provide Fort Lewis College students with opportunities for professional development, social outlets, and community service through adventure education-based experiences.  The AEC seeks to promote positive social change within the Fort Lewis College community as well as the Durango community at-large.

Here are a few ideas for club activites in pursuit of our mission:
– Organizing trips to conferences such as AEE and AORE;

– Inviting speakers from rafting companies, camps, therapy programs, and corporate development companies; or

– Hosting an AE job fair with mock interviews and resume reviews.

– Organizing on and off campus socials, movie nights, trips, and other activities;

– Volunteering with Durango-area schools and/or programs;

– Arranging trips for FLC alumni;

– Providing a forum for students to exchange ideas for educational and recreational opportunities (i.e. how can we apply what we have learned in classes to the world?).

We need your ideas and your participation!  Come join us at the next meeting of the AEC which will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 31 in the Leadership Center in the Student Union.  But as always, you can post your ideas on this blog or on the Adventure Education Facebook page.

See you Monday!

David Lynch, AEC Treasurer

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