The Bulletin Boards of Pine Hall

If you find yourself in the lobby of Pine Hall, check out the new and improved bulletin boards!  JC and I have been working hard to keep you up to date on the latest in all things AE.

The board to the right has job postings galore, from internships to part-time seasonal work to full time jobs in adventure education.  We clear the board periodically to make room for new postings, but the old listings are filed in the Adventure Education Jobs book which is in the lobby.  It is practically bursting at the seams, so check it out!

The other bulletin board is divided into four sections.  We post news about Outdoor Pursuits including the ongoing Wednesday night kayak roll sessions, and current events like the Ouray ice climbing weekend.  Also posted is academic information: the Fort Lewis academic calendar, the finals schedule, and Bob, Lee and Tim’s office hours.  Check the miscellaneous tidbits section for random bits of information including updates from the exercise science department, opportunities to participate in senior seminar studies, and a variety of other topics.  Lastly, the Adventure Education Club has taken over a section of the board to keep you informed of all that is happening with the club.  Check that space for climbing partners, kayak buddies, study groups, gear for sale, and an occasional AE joke.  (Q: Why did David Kolb keep riding the same bus in a circle?  A: He forgot to get a transfer!)

So, check out the bulletin boards in Pine Hall.  You’ll be glad you did!

David Lynch

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