Adventure Education’s Popular Immersion Semester Underway at Fort Lewis College

So what exactly IS the Immersion Semester, you ask?  How about:  A 15-credit immersion semester where you take only Adventure Education courses, spending 4 to 10 days at a time backpacking and canoeing in the mountains and deserts of the Four Corners region. Courses include Wilderness Expedition (AE 201), Adventure Leadership (AE 210), Teaching Methods for Adventure (AE220).  The immersion semester is designed to be a four-month experience where your academic focus is only Adventure Education.   The entire semester-in the classroom, in the field, and study and preparation time in-between-is like an expedition, where you are part of a small learning community having shared goals. 

 This year’s groups went for their first expedition of 4 days into the Wilderness around Engineer Peak.  Here is just a few of the vistas that they passed through during class:

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