Some AWESOME Testimonials from Adventure Education Alumni of Fort Lewis College!


Great alumni testimonials about Adventure Education Bachelor of Arts degree on our Facebook Group page for Adventure Education at Fort Lewis College!  Facebook.  Here is one from a 2011 graduate of the Adventure Ed program-Mr. Skyeler Congdon.

To those of you who might be stressed and burned out this week; to those of you who have begun to second guess their desire to major in AE; to anyone who needs to know this b***sh*** is worth it:

As a recent graduate of this program, I have been offered several jobs already and just accepted one that I thought I’d share with you: I’m a new Overseas Educator with Carpe Diem Education! We offer study abroad programs all over the world that are experiential in design and transformative in scope!

Next semester I’ll be leading a 90 day trip in the South Pacific that incorporates service learning, homestays, adventure sports, and contemplative practice.

Please don’t think I’m trying to brag, rather I want to show you that this program is totally legit for allowing you to find your dream jobs, whatever they may be! Stick with it, and you’ll be at the front of the pack in an increasingly competitive field.

If anyone would like some help with career planning or any advice on how to get dope jobs within this industry, feel free to contact me with any questions.

So stay with it, homies, and take these AE courses seriously! I kinda wish I studies a little harder now that I’m out and actually have to use this crap;)

Skyeler Congdon

Graduates are finding great jobs with their degree in fields of employment that use their degree.  Not to mention great satisfaction as well!  Thanks and a big CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR FORT LEWIS COLLEGE ADVENTURE EDUCATION GRADUATES!!!!

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