Course AE 101-“Foundations of Adventure Education” Introduces the Meaning of Outdoor Education

The primary purpose of this course, is for you to explore the match between you and adventure education. You will have opportunities to determine how you wish to be involved in the profession of using outdoor education, by discovering professional career paths—those that generally require a college degree—in schools, outdoor and environmental education programs, therapeutic adventure programs, and more.



Think of Foundations of Adventure Education as your 15-week adventure expedition. Adventures involve risk, expanding one’s comfort zone, and embracing the unknown. Successful expedition teams work together to accomplish common goals, with everyone giving 110%. Here in this course, the risks usually won’t be physical ones, but you may encounter potential academic risks. Just like in the wilderness, these risks are best managed when everyone is prepared and committed to learning, which promotes a community of trust and mutual support. Although broad topic areas and much of the reading material that takes us toward our goals is determined, you will be involved in some of the decisions along the path.

If this sounds like a course you would like to take as part of your degree path for Adventure Education, learn more at:  Fort Lewis College/Adventure Ed  or see what our current students, alumni and faculty are talking about in the world of Adventure Education on our Facebook Group page

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