Adventure Education Upper Level Course AE450-Organization and Administration

Every year this  class has a different hands-on project, which helps give a student practical experience while still in school.  This year Fort Lewis College’s Adventure Education 450 class will execute a grass roots production of the annual regional Association for Experiential Education’s conference, to be held in Keystone, CO in March of 2013. 


AE 450 primarily consists of three major professional projects to integrate the above topics. The first two involve you in front of a public audience of professionals, with real consequences for good or bad work. The third involves a real accident that resulted in fatalities.

Organization and Administration of Adventure Education is a common capstone senior-level course offered at colleges and universities around the country offering comprehensive adventure education undergraduate degree programs. AE 450 can be your professional opportunity enhancer. The material in this course will help you go beyond your first, entry-level job in adventure education. This course prepares you for that second or third job, where you will be expected to assume critical responsibilities that affect a program’s future and client safety. The assumption is that at some point in your career your job will expand to include developing or managing some part of an adventure education program. However, many students actually find that they use what they learn in this course before they even graduate, during their internship, because many internships will involve you in a project that includes some program or staff development opportunities. A previous O & A student summed up his course experience this way:

In the beginning I didn’t know exactly what I was going to learn in Organization and Administration. I figured I might learn how to run a camp or organization of some sort, but I had no idea I would be learning so much of what really goes into the administrative positions. I feel we went above and beyond our intake of this material considering the time we had together … Whether I end up guiding or creating new programs, everything that I learned will provide more knowledge and experience in the roles of my decision making.

Our goal for your Bachelor of Arts degree in Adventure Education is to give you the best preparation for your Outdoor Leadership career!  Check out more information about Fort Lewis College and the Adventure Education program on Facebook or the Adventure Ed website.

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