The Immersion

The “Immersion” of the Immersion Semester is definitely happening.  Finishing our third week of classes and preparing for our second field trip (7 days) which starts tomorrow. We’ve already covered curriculum from AE201 Wilderness Expedition (a mere 50 some learning objectives), and are mostly done with AE210 Adventure Leadership curriculum (28 some learning objectives) and we’re already dabbling with AE220 Teaching Methods before that starts when we’re back from the field.  It ALL intertwines, and we’re hardly “through” learning, or completing our learning objectives.  Oh, and then there’s just all the logistics – the planning, packing, food, gear…. for 12 people for 7 days in the high alpine the San Juan mountains. I just hope the rain gives us a break!  But mostly I’m just looking forward to being out of the office, the classroom, and putting it all together (hopefully) out in the field – where the classroom hits the road as it were.

Start X-1 Cascade Ck. X-1     The wet  The wet     mo wet  the leaks

the sun The Sun  the trail the trail  the end the barn

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