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5 Top Jobs for Adventure Education Majors

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Frequently we are asked by parents of prospective students “what can you do with an Adventure Education degree?”  Here is a list of the top 5 job opportunities for a B.A. in Adventure Education:

  1. School-based outdoor education and adventure education programs  These are typically programs in independent schools.  This past year one of our AE students did an internship at Timberline Academy in Durango, and then was immediately hired as a teacher at that school.  Other examples of schools that hire staff to run their outdoor programs include Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Sandia Prep and Albuquerque Academy in Albuquerque, NM, Chapman School in California, a large number of prep schools in New England (i.e. Proctor Academy, Holderness School, White Mountain School, etc), Wasatch Academy in Utah currently has one of our AE majors interning there in their Outdoor Program.
  2. College recreation programs  Last spring we posted a job for an Outdoor Recreation Director at Harvard University which required a B.A. in Adventure Education.  Last year one of our AE graduates  interned at a 2 year college in Coeur de Alene, Idaho.  Another of our AE graduates did an internship with the University of Las Vegas-Nevada.
  3. Adventure Therapy or Wilderness Therapy programs  such as Open Sky Wilderness based in Durango, CO.  Last year our AE 450 class “Organization and Administration of Adventure Education” did an extensive accreditation review project with Open Sky.  Other therapeutic programs are in almost every state.
  4. Environmental Education programs  such as Keystone Environmental Center.  Many states have an outdoor/environmental education center that school districts send all their 6th graders to for a week.  These programs hire staff.  Another of our AE graduates did an internship with Southwest Conservation Corps.
  5. Other Independent programs such as Boojum Institute in California (works with school, community and corporate groups), ropes course programs and of course seasonal work in programs such as Outward Bound and NOLS.  Our Adventure Education program sent another of our AE graduates to intern with an environmental canopy tours program in North Carolina.

As you can see from the list above, there are MANY job opportunities for employment with a degree in Adventure Education.  The Bureau of Labor statistics also predicts that from 2010-2024 jobs in this category are expected to grow faster than average.

Adventure Education Top Rope Rock Climb Class

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

These are just a few of some outstanding photos taken by AE Major Dylan Weldin in instuctor Ball’s rock climbing class this semester.  These guys are doing their learning “on the rocks”….Class goes out to various local locations to practice rappels, belays, and all the necessary risk management issues that come with this type activity.  On an experiential level, they are learning valuable lessons in critical thinking, team building and leadership skills.  These are skills that can be applied to any career path a student may choose.  Most of our AE majors are interested in doing therapy work with at-risk populations, children and young adults. 

As an example to our students, Program Director Dr. Bob Stremba used skills similar to what the Top Rope Rock Climbing class were learning.   Over the summer of 2010 Bob instructed an Outward Bound course in the Colorado Rockies for teens who have lost a family member through death. “On ‘Heroic Journey’ I was impressed how these kids embraced the challenges of backpacking, rock climbing, and a high ropes course.” They dedicated their climb of a 13,000 peak to the one they lost, then built a rock cairn with each of their names on it. The combination of inspiring wilderness, with a supportive group of others who have been through the same circumstances was a wonderful example of how adventure education, in this case through Outward Bound, has such a strong effect.”

WHY ADVENTURE EDUCATION ROCKS AT FORT LEWIS COLLEGE!!  This  is just one way in which our students can utilize their degree in Adventure Education.  If the word “Education” inspires you at least as much as the word “Adventure”, then this may just be the program for you!