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Lead Rock Climbing Classes Start at Adventure Education Program

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

el rito1The AE 321 Lead Rock Climbing Course has commenced for the semester.  This is an advanced climbing skills course focusing on traditional lead climbing, including selection and placement of protection, route finding, lead climbing and belaying techniques, multiple pitch climbing, advanced anchor building, rescue systems, and climbing instructional strategies..

Like other Adventure Education outdoors skills courses this course is not an activity course per se, but a professional skills course designed for preparing adventure educators to work effectively in institutional surroundings.  Students participating in this course often go to El Rito, New Mexico to climb.   Also starting up for this semester is the AE 350 Adventure Process and Facilitation class.  This course provides the skills necessary for facilitating a variety of client groups in indoor and outdoor experiential and adventure programs.  Included is group development stages, group discussion leading, active listening, debriefing, front loading, metaphors, and transfer of client learning.  Students will develop and facilitate a program with a client group.