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AE321-Lead Rock Climbing Prepares Adventure Education Majors at Fort Lewis College

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

AE 321 is an advanced climbing skills course focusing on traditional lead climbing, including selection and placement of protection, route finding, lead climbing and belaying techniques, multiple pitch climbing, advanced anchor building, rescue systems, and climbing instructional strategies.


Like other AE outdoor skills courses this course is not an activity course, per se, but a professional skills course for preparing adventure educators in the field of outdoor education to work effectively in institutional settings. 

 For those without leading experience, your climbing knowledge and skills will grow dramatically. For those with leading experience, this course will introduce you to the institutional context, expand your repertoire of lead climbing skills, and begin to prepare you to work directly with the kinds of clients/students you may encounter in an adventure education program which uses lead climbing to accomplish educational goals. If you’re interested in working as a professional climbing guide or for an organization like Outward Bound or NOLS with a well-managed climbing or mountaineering program, then I suggest you eventually look into seeking certification through the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA).  This course provides a strong foundation for moving in that direction, particularly if you’ve had limited exposure to lead climbing in institutional settings. 

 What this course is not:

  • If you have limited traditional lead climbing experience, this class will not turn you into a masterful lead climber – there’s simply not enough time for this. However, it will serve as a “spring-board” for further education and development. 
  • The focus in this course is not on making you a stronger climber, but a smarter climber. You can get strong on your own time. 




  • AE 101 (Foundations of AE) & AE 121 (Top Rope Rock Climbing).
  • At least one year of personal top-rope climbing experience. 
  • AE major or minor.



  • Proficiency in all AE 121 skills, including:
    • Being able to set up and manage a top rope rock climb using a “top” or “sling-shot” belay system.
    • All knots and basic rope work taught in AE 121.
  • You are active and healthy enough to be able to follow 5.8 and carry a 50 lb. pack uphill for 30 minutes. 

Gearing up for the Adventure Education Program at Fort Lewis College Fall 2011

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The B.A. Adventure Education Program here in Durango CO is getting ready to welcome the largest group of students yet to be enrolled at Fort Lewis College since the program’s inception in 2007!     We are psyched for another great year of students who want to use the outdoors as a career in Adventure Education that will keep them in the great outdoors and provide a service to others as well. 

When you major in Adventure Ed, we provide all group gear—tarps and tents, cooking equipment, food, first aid kits, a satellite phone, maps, GPS devices, etc. You need to provide your own personal gear such as backpack, sleeping bag and pad, hiking boots, clothing, etc  Please find listed below some good resources for you to find your own personal gear:

Resources for Discount Outdoor Equipment

•     Sierra Trading

Discounts of 35-70% on name brand outdoor gear, including backpacks, sleeping bags, climbing gear, and clothing.


A discount outdoor equipment retailer for name brands.

•     REI  

•     Local seasonal sales: Gardenswarz fair ground sales, ski swaps, etc.

If you have more questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the program director, Dr. Bob Stremba at

Here’s to the best academic year yet!

Lead Rock Climbing Classes Start at Adventure Education Program

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

el rito1The AE 321 Lead Rock Climbing Course has commenced for the semester.  This is an advanced climbing skills course focusing on traditional lead climbing, including selection and placement of protection, route finding, lead climbing and belaying techniques, multiple pitch climbing, advanced anchor building, rescue systems, and climbing instructional strategies..

Like other Adventure Education outdoors skills courses this course is not an activity course per se, but a professional skills course designed for preparing adventure educators to work effectively in institutional surroundings.  Students participating in this course often go to El Rito, New Mexico to climb.   Also starting up for this semester is the AE 350 Adventure Process and Facilitation class.  This course provides the skills necessary for facilitating a variety of client groups in indoor and outdoor experiential and adventure programs.  Included is group development stages, group discussion leading, active listening, debriefing, front loading, metaphors, and transfer of client learning.  Students will develop and facilitate a program with a client group.

Adventure Education Top Rope Rock Climb Class

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

These are just a few of some outstanding photos taken by AE Major Dylan Weldin in instuctor Ball’s rock climbing class this semester.  These guys are doing their learning “on the rocks”….Class goes out to various local locations to practice rappels, belays, and all the necessary risk management issues that come with this type activity.  On an experiential level, they are learning valuable lessons in critical thinking, team building and leadership skills.  These are skills that can be applied to any career path a student may choose.  Most of our AE majors are interested in doing therapy work with at-risk populations, children and young adults. 

As an example to our students, Program Director Dr. Bob Stremba used skills similar to what the Top Rope Rock Climbing class were learning.   Over the summer of 2010 Bob instructed an Outward Bound course in the Colorado Rockies for teens who have lost a family member through death. “On ‘Heroic Journey’ I was impressed how these kids embraced the challenges of backpacking, rock climbing, and a high ropes course.” They dedicated their climb of a 13,000 peak to the one they lost, then built a rock cairn with each of their names on it. The combination of inspiring wilderness, with a supportive group of others who have been through the same circumstances was a wonderful example of how adventure education, in this case through Outward Bound, has such a strong effect.”

WHY ADVENTURE EDUCATION ROCKS AT FORT LEWIS COLLEGE!!  This  is just one way in which our students can utilize their degree in Adventure Education.  If the word “Education” inspires you at least as much as the word “Adventure”, then this may just be the program for you!

Adventure Ed Rock Stars!

Monday, April 12th, 2010


September 20. 2010 – block course students are currently out on their 7 day expedition, leaving from the Vallecito Creek trailhead last Friday.  Hope to have some interesting and informative posts from participants on that journey!

Coming to the Student Life Center in the Student Union is the film “Revolver” which is a ski film.  Check out the trailer above, and see the movie September 29 as part of the Wednesday Night Film Series for all students at Fort Lewis College.

August 27, 2010 – Orientation has been happening here at Fort Lewis yesterday and today.  Had a presentation for undecided majors this morning, and close to 100 parents and students attended!  That is so exciting-and we hope the presentation helped clarify our degree program.  In a nutshell, if the word “Education” excites you as much or more than the word “Adventure”, then this may be the program for you.  AE students are more interested in saving the world then most, and love using the outdoors as a teaching place to help others develop critical thinking skills, leadership skills and a cooperative spirit.  Adventure Education teaches you the why behind the what.  WELCOME ALL NEW ADVENTURE EDUCATION STUDENTS!    

August 23, 2010- Faculty and staff are back in Pine Hall, getting ready for the Fall 2010-2011 year.  We are preparing for our biggest enrollment ever in the Adventure Education program.  The unofficial numbers are 93 majors and 11 minors.  The final numbers occur after Census date, which is Tuesday, September 14.  We are so excited about the growth and on-going interest in the AE program!  Over 40% of our students come from other places besides Colorado, no doubt in part because of our unparalleled location in the Four Corners.  Which plays second to our outstanding faculty and staff here at Fort Lewis College.  Our program continually strives to bring the best education to our ever-growing student base. 

To continue accommodating our students with access to great gear we added new kayaks, tele-ski boots, ice axes, sleeping mattresses and more.  The warehouse is looking really awesome and ready to support our students in thier  pursuit of a degree in Adventure Education

tele-ski bootsice axeskayaks



May 14, 2010 – WHAT MAKES THE FLC ADVENTURE EDUCATION DEGREE A BARGAIN?  The national average in-state cost for tuition and fees at public institutions is approximately $7000. per year.  INCLUDING COURSE FEES,the annual average cost to obtain a degree in Adventure Education at FLC is $5113. for Colorado resident students, which is 27% below the national average for tuition and fees.  At other public institutions offering a similar degree, Colorado students would pay $17,314. to $27,163. in out-of-state tuition and fees per year.  These figures will be less for students receiving financial aid, but may increase each year with annual tuition increases at the respective institutions. 

Lee Frazer presenting AE Major of the Year Award 2010
Lee Frazer presenting AE Major of the Year Award 2010

AE MOY David Farkas and David Lynch with bob and lee2AE MOY Spencer and Pierce with Leemore ae gangSocializing at the social2some of the AE gangbob and lee presentingSpencer and LEe

We also had the Freshman/Sophomore Convocation Ceremonythat afternoon, which was quite unexpectedly fun-but only due to some of our AE students supporting their AE Major of the Year award winners.  A visual cheer was sent out to Pierce Streiff for his award!  Congrats also to Spencer Lewis, who won the AE Major of the Year award as well.

Other Adventure Education majors took awards in other categories.  Kate Shavel won the Common Reading Experience Essay competition.  Way to go, Kate!  Check out the pics ..

Freshman Sophomore Convocation 2010 001

April 12, 2010- Preview weekend went super well!  Two of our students, Chris Panawa (sophomore) and Allison Braverman (senior). offered to help out with questions and answers from the visitors who came to campus.  And they did a spectacular job of helping new students understand what the program is all about.  Our table was VERY busy with both parents and students and students-to-be checking out our display, getting course and degree information, as well as free granola!!  Thanks to our great volunteers for making this a fun and successful week-end!  If you are not yet a member of our Adventure Education Facebook Group Page, check out the link on the right hand side of this page.  Join up and chat with our students and faculty about what is going on over at Pine Hall..

April 7, 2010

Thompson ShawSchmidgallLeyFarkasCableBravermanBakerSmith

-Last night was the Seniors Poster Presentation of their research projects-what GREAT projects each and every one of our seniors had!  They truly represented Adventure Education  with projects like “Retention Levels in Active Classrooms Compared to Traditional Classroom Methods” by Allison Smith, “Academic Major, Motivation Type and Self-Efficacy: Relationships in a College Population” by David Farkas, “Self-Esteem Assessment in College Women” by Allison Braverman and 7 more projects as well.   

April 5, 2010 – check out this teenagers record quest to ski the North Pole  Now that is an adventure! 


March 19, 2010 – Spring is BLOWING in today!  Which is great for drying up the mud on the various ropes courses we’ll be using to support the AE 151 course “Challenge Course Fundamentals”.  Spring fever is rampant among all the AE students.  They are ready, ready, ready to get out there and climb, hike, paddle, camp and continue to pursue their outdoor education.  There will be plenty of opportunities to do those very activities.  In case you didn’t already know, Backpacker Magazine just named Durango as one of the top places to “raise an outdoor kid”.  Here’s a link to the article  We are so lucky to live in such a fabulous spot!!!

A Wilderness First Responder course was offered here at the Fort over spring break, and the class was FULL.  According to our students who attended, it was AWESOME!  Hoping to see some pics posted on our Facebook group page from that class soon.  Check it out by clicking the FACEBOOK  link on the right side of our blog. 

March 17, 2010 – HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!  Don’t forget the Mandatory advising tonite, and if you need an AE degree application, email me and I will email you one back 

March 15, 2010 – It’s back to class here , and MANDATORY GROUP ADVISING  for Adventure Education students will take place on Wednesday, March 17  at Pine Hall.  Times are as follows:

6pm for students who have applied to the AE major (typically juniors and seniors)

7pm for students who have not yet applied to the major (typically freshmen, sophomores or transfer students) 

If you have any questions about what to do, please check your fort lewis email for information sent to you, or you may call the department at (970)247-6383.  See you Wednesday!


March 4, 2010 – Did you know one of our own students, Sterling Shaw, climbs with an all-women group here in Durango?  Pretty cool- check out the story here  What’s everyone else in the program out doing?  Let me know so I can brag about you here!

Here’s to you having a great, safe SPRING BREAK!!!!  See you all when you get back!1397

Feb19, 2010

Here are some more important dates to be thinking about:

March 8-15 is SPRING BREAK!!!  Go relax, refresh and get ready for the final days of this academic year.

March 15-26 is Fall 2010 Registration and Advising


  • 6pm for students who have applied to the AE major (typically juniors and seniors)
  • 7pm for students who have not yet applied to the major (typically freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students


 February 18, 2010  edumactionkat

So, yesterday and today we had a guest speaker visit Pine Hall.  His name is Mark Rowland and he is President and CEO of Peak Performance Training Systems, which is a company that you can read more about by clicking this link  He was, as promised by the flyer, “informative, provocative”, and I do think he infuriated some students.  I look forward to hearing from anyone about what they thought of his presentation.

Next event coming up at Pine Hall will be the Internship Seminar on March 3, from 6-7pm.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for seniors, and a great seminar to attend for all AE Majors, as everyone will have to do an internship before graduating.  I’m thinking about serving some snacks for this one-any suggestions from you?  Email me at  if you have special requests, or ideas.  Thanks.

On March 4 is the Catered lunch with  Jon Kedrowski: Thursday,  12pm, La Plata Room, upstairs in the Student Union.  Sign-up and commitment required. To sign up, email Annie Dawson at dawson_a@fortlewis.eduby Wednesday, February 24 at 5pm.  The Leadership Center is excited to bring Colorado native Jon Kedrowski from Texas State to our campus on Thursday, March 4 to give a talk about his research and climbs of the 58 Colorado Fourteeners in 42 consecutive days, as well as his climbs of Denali, Aconcagua, and Mt. Elbrus.  Jon is currently finishing his Ph.D. dissertation at Texas State, and his research focuses on human-environmental impacts, mountain geography, trail and route assessment, and the outdoor wilderness experience. 

 And don’t forget the AEE Rocky Mountain Regional Conference April 16-18 in Lander, WY.  There may be some scholarship opportunities available, check with AE Faculty before Feb. 24, because travel arrangements have to be finalized by then. 

Pictured here is our own Tim Thomas, I think he’s the one in the boat  ;pTim Thomas 003