Learn EVERYONE”S name so that you can cite one another in papers:

Luke Landreneau, Zack Dowd, Justin Richards, Kevin Cornett, James Wadle, Luke jun, Carlie Romer, Norene Raines, Bill Mangrum (professor), Forest Simpson, Justin Lopez, Eli Rosenbaum, Sam deGraw, Precious Yazzie, Lydel Sleuth, Paige Albright, Tyler Knott, Sydney McMunn, Sam Halac, CJ Calvert, Mccauley Smith,  Donald Eric Bean.

Research: Don’t claim to know ahead of time what is important. -To know what is important you need to observe everything and write everything down. Because there is no way to know what is important information on the spot. We cannot hear something and know right then if it is going to be useful to us later, it is impossible.

Write everything down! We are not students, but we are scholars. “Research is the mind that you bring to the moment that you’re in.”  Train the mind to research the room, people, and everything. Research is not about going to the library or having a computer in front of you. “Research is observing everything around you.”- Justin Richards.

Basic Rule to Academic Citation: Mention first and last name in first citation, second citation only use last name. “Can you quote someone by a nickname?”-Richards “No not in an academic paper”- Bill Mangrum.

“This isn’t college, it is just a big business.”-Mangrum

-Show up on time

-Ask good questions

-Execute scholarly work

We know from studies that learning increases when people have a personal relationship with other scholars in their class. –If we develop relationship with our fellow scholars then if we miss class, need help, or don’t fully understand something in the assignment we have someone to go to other than the professor. We can learn off each other by learning each others writing, study, and scholarly habits. This in turn will help me in the long run become a better scholar myself.

Sit in a different seat everyday, next to someone new. Learn everyones name in the class. The more you know people the more you’re invested, therefore the more you learn. Don’t think of a higher education as a brain dumb, be responsible, and take control.

When writing an academic paper the best way to succeed is to know your audience, and know what you want them to do.

There will never be a limit on papers- papers are about quality not quantity. No limits forces a choice. Be responsible for your own production of knowledge. We grew up in a world that knowledge exists in the web, books, and magazines. Knowledge is on our tongue waiting to be set free. Start writing and don’t stop, trust your pen. If you write everything down you will be stunned at what you will learn. We cannot possibly remember everything so we must write it down.

First thought: Writing is reporting don’t write until you know what to write.

Second thought: Writing is exploring, I don’t know so I should write. -If we don’t know what to write we should just start writing anyway and not sit and wait until we think we know what we should write. If we just start writing it’ll become habit and it will make us better writers. To learn to be a good writer we must write, and write more!

Quoting can reveal that a paper is less than excellent. Don’t show off someone else’s knowledge. “It’s important to quote, but sometimes it’s unnecessary”- Sam deGraw. Quotes should act as evidence not steal your voice. Collect data to work with.

1st paper due Wednesday- Not for a grade, write about the notes you took in class, no length, long enough to get your point across.

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