• When Bill walks into the room that means that class is in session.
  • If you format your paper to have a period in 13 point font it makes your paper 30% longer.
  • Read book ” My Name is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potoki.
  • If Bill assigns a length to a paper, it will be by word count, not page length. Include word count on the bottom of your essay.
  • MLA Style:
  • Preliminary Matter: In the upper left hand corner include- name, enter, professors name, enter, name of class, enter, date-conntential version.
  • Have one inch margins, font face is times new roman, and font size is 12 point font.
  • Always have a title and have it in the center of the paper, one enter space below preliminary matter. Save this as MLA templet
  • Have a folder for every class that you are enrolled in
  • Have page number in upper right hand corner with last name before the number. DO NOT MAKE THIS A HEADER
  • The WHOLE paper is to be double spaced. Change the default to no extra spaces between paragraphs.
  • Your presentation copy should be a clean copy, it should not have marks or pen corrections. Let your presentation copy be just that a presentation copy.
  • Editing and Proofing:
  • Drafts- Read aloud, circle things, make notes, start at the end, put pencil at every punctuation mark to catch errors.
  • Reading: When editing for content read aloud front to back. When proofing read back to front.– When need to read our work in different ways to be able to see and hear our mistakes, because otherwise our brain will only show us what we want to see and what we believe to be there.
  • Use a different color pen to cross out where you made corrections. After you make your second draft walk away and come back around an hour. Turn in CLEAN presentation copy
  • If you make a mistake because you are unsure of something, be consistent! Even if it’s wrong.– This way you can have a valid argument with your instructor that you didn’t know that it was wrong. By staying consistent with an error it show that you truly believed it to be correct and therefore it makes it more acceptable to the reader.

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