• Conventions are guidelines and standards. They have to do with genres and settings. There is not one convention for everything, but there are conventions for everything.– Conventions are what we use to follow a genre. They help us to fill out forms and documents in the correct way. Genres are all about knowing how to fill them out correctly and conventions teach us that way.
  • Genres are patterned responses to reoccurring situations form that becomes established by a discourse community that is used again and again¬†for situations.
  • Gestural genres- Verbal and behavioral habits.
  • Genres: Deed, resume, job application, voting ballots, banking slips, health care forms, music writing, divorce papers, class registration, adoption papers, receipt, recipes, death and birth certificates.
  • We learn conventions for each genre.
  • Common mistakes in papers are: left out words, off target papers.– We edit our papers so that these common mistakes can be caught and then we should have our fellow scholars edit them too so that we can can thus become better writers.
  • All papers are expected to be written in the first person.
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  • Next post your in class notes from September 1, 3, 8, 12, 15. Get what you can done in a 2 and half hour time period.

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