New student: Katie Rivera, Mitchell Peterson

  • You have to visualize success, craft an image of yourself as a scholar.
  • Correct Bill when he refers to us as students.
  • Work at idea to do something while you are listening.
  • Train your body to study, use your mind.
  • Writing is a physical activity.
  • If you go into the mountains without your mind you’ll die, it happens every year!
  • If you come to college without your body you’ll flunk, you have to train your body for this experience. -In college you need your body to be as healthy as your mind to succeed. You have to train yourself to study certain way. Your health is very important to keep in top shape because if you are sick or hurt you are less able to learn and get everything you can from class and your professor. Your body needs to be able to go to every class, stay awake, and preform in top shape!
  • Students commonly think their minds can do something without their body. Scholars train their body’s so their minds can strive.
  • Time on task: Friday go somewhere on campus, alone, quiet, and without technology. Be in that place for an hour and research your surroundings. Told to do something, and given the time to do it. Over the weekend take the notes that you took and turn it into an essay. Audience: Bill, Goal: Inform about what I noticed about the environment and my mind.
  • Scholars who are held to early rigorous self assessment learn more.– You need to explore your mind to be successful in college, and you need to be able to assess yourself. It is very healthy to take a couple hours a week sit and be alone with your mind and write all your thoughts and distractions. It will make a better writer and you will in time be able to ignore the distractions and be the best researcher you can be.
  • This is a luxury to take time to be alone with your mind.– Not many people get to or choose to take time alone and explore their minds. Bill is giving us this luxury called time on task to be able to set aside the time we would normally spend in class to explore or minds and further our understanding. This is also helping us to become better writers by having to spend an hour to write everything we think about and the surrounds of our environment.
  • Goal: Pay attention to your mind, get to know your mind and know how to explain it.
  • Essay: Typed, notes stapled to rough draft, rough draft typed, presentation copy on top.
  • This all makes better writers, write down everything- even the distractions.
  • Be a friend to your mind, take an hour to think.
  • People become better writers when they write.
  • Thinking is talking internalized, writing is conversation visualized.

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