If your cell phone goes off in class, you bring candy for ALL!

  • “Doing research you need to collect all data not just what you think is important.”- deGraw
  • Write everything down in research. Treat this course as a lab.
  • Qualitative analysis- participating observer.
  • Take a basic thought, pull it apart and put it back together in a new way- Extend the conversation, deepen thought in papers. -Professors say this is what most students have the biggest problem with in their writing process. They will say something in a paper and not explain it or expand upon the thought. Professors are looking for us to deepen our words and further our paper. This is hard because it is harder for most people, I know myself to expand on what I say when writing it is easier when talking to deepen a thought.
  • Play with the language.
  • “Deepening seems more comfortable in conversation than on paper.”- Zack Dowd
  • To write is to record sound – When we write we are only writing sounds and sounds are people speaking with a determined meaning behind them. Each language has different sounds, words, and meaning to those words. When we write we are recording and thus researching.
  • Students don’t practice writing when opportunity is present, they procrastinate.
  • “We are really good at ‘playing’ school”- Sydney
  • The act of revising is the opportunity to practice your writing.
  • “In high school work is about quantity- vomit information out, college it’s about quality”-deGraw
  • Writing is a process, we must take exhaustive notes.
  • Get as much as you possible can, get relationships to gather information.
  • We learn to write by writing and playing with language.
  • What is the process of writing?– We never will have a final draft it is more so called a presentation copy. To have a good paper we must revise, revise, revise, and revise more. We should take breaks and walk away from the draft for a couple of hours will help to find the most errors in a paper.
  • Research projects go through IRB, for people’s rights IRB crafts a contract.
  • Everyone has different views, good papers have room for different views. Weigh the views.
  • “The more we understand what we believe makes it easier to disagree with others views”-Luke
  • Bring books Monday.
  • Bill’s office: Noble Hall room 234 Tuesday 11-5. Email:, only email from fort lewis account.
  • Grade and return papers within a week.
  • Wednesday: Quiet place different from last week, take notes on basic assessment.
  • Self-Assessment: Do I have the books? Do I attend class? Do I participate? Am I prepared? Am I motivated? By what? What is expected of me? Level of comfort? What do I do well? 3-4 areas of growth.
  • Writing Process: Is a belief in the power of language, sound before words. Writing is a way of recording sound. Good writing is attention to sound and language.

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