• Organize your notes by typing them and use bullet points.
  • If you wait until the last minute to do your work you don’t grow, adapt, or learn.
  • Quote using people’s last name
  • Write notes word for word as you wrote them down, don’t summarize.
  • Steps- bullet notes, expand on notes, summarize notes.
  • Practice blogging to become a better blogger, be able to follow specific instructions.
  • Move out of high school into a specific organization.
  • Train your mind to hear exactly what is said and then do exactly that.
  • In high school we were trained for non-engagement.
  • Be sensitive to how language marginalizes people into feeling less or small.
  • The word ‘just’ puts on limits.
  • If you care about language you can make a difference.
  • Language is a socially agreed upon units of sound that function together.
  • Words construct the world together.
  • Words can build someone up and tear someone down.
  • We can make the world a better place by hearing and talking.
  • We have the capacity to speak and choose words that will either break or heal people.
  • We want scholars to make the world a better place and care about language.
  • We are all full of contradictions
  • How you say things are also important, because of the tone.
  • Papers and words carry a tone
  • Increase contact between students and teachers

-Students and students

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