Critical Reflection: 17 September 2014

My group met in hesperus peace park, we met at 1:55, and we started our time together by getting to know a little about each other. We then continued to move onto reading about our assignments, we all talked about what we have done on the check list for the end of the three weeks of class. Almost everyone had what they were supposed to, we read each others blogs. Then we commented on them and discussed more into our assignment.

We started our next topic of conversation on how everyone was doing in the class and how school was going for them so far. How everyone liked their classes, what they were studying, what year everyone was, what we thought about COMP 150 and how it was so different from any class we have this semester or previous semesters for the older students. We ended by writing our experience. I believe that I got to know some class mates a little bit better besides knowing only their last names.

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