As scholars we were asked to form a definition of the word query and answer the question what is academic inquiry, here are the notes that I took on our class discussion.

  • Construct a working definition of the word query.
  • We can’t always rely on dictionaries, they are tools and have many definitions to a word.
  • Scholars construct a definition based on what they already know.
  • What does it mean to query something? What is academic inquiry?
  • “Query means to question, the act of investigating, or researching a question.”-James
  • “Academic inquiry is showing your curiosity in something.”-CJ
  • “Query is what we are doing right now. Ask the right questions.”- Luke L
  • Is there any real difference between query and academic inquiry?- “More structured on a specific topic”- Luke L
  • “Academic inquiry is about furthering knowledge”- CJ
  • Related to a genre
  • Query- asking, researching, and curiosity.
  • Academic inquiry- guided query
  • Query is more thinking the question, inquiry is researching the questions, a verb.

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