While reflecting on our discussion experience I have noticed that ┬áin our fifteen minute discussion that the people who spoke and interacted the most were the same people who actively engage the most frequently in class on an everyday basis. Why aren’t the shy and quieter scholars speaking up? Why are they not as comfortable in the class as other scholars?

We started the discussion with a very generic definition of query, that it was defined as asking questions. As the time went on people were digging into the statement and pulling it apart, asking questions to deepen the definition. Some people seemed satisfied with the short generalized definition from the beginning of the conversation and others we asking questions and playing devils advocate to get thoughts running.

I believe that some people didn’t speak up because they either didn’t feel confident in their understanding of the word query and academic inquiry, or they were trying to take down all the notes that they could because they knew an assignment would follow. Who is going to have a better learning experience from this the people who solely took notes, or those who engaged in conversation the entire time?

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