I am an elementary education major, and this experience was very beneficial to me because it shows me a different way to have a class discussion. It gives a student based way to run the classroom, which is beneficial to the student and the teacher because the teacher gets to observe what the students know and the students will feel in charge and get away from the traditional classroom setting.

As I study education and train to become a teacher, having different teaching styles and seeing different ways to set up lessons and the classroom is going to make me a better teacher when the time comes. This is especially true in Bill Mangrum’s class because the classroom and teaching style is not like any other professor or class that I have. It opens my eyes and I learn more doing different things everyday other than getting lectured at.

I know that as I grow and want to be a teacher I am going to have to have to reflect and look back at different styles. This is really true for the discussion we had, I liked the fact that Bill didn’t have really any input on our breaking down of the definition of query and academic inquiry. He let us develop our own definition based on our understanding of the the word and what we already know about the topic. This is a very healthy way to learn and it makes you apply knowledge rather than being told another definition through a lecture powerpoint.

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