Group Meeting Experience: 26 September 2014

In our meeting on Friday as a group we met in the same spot as the first time, in the peace park. We started off by talking about how we were going to break apart the reading. We read page by page and changed readers by passing it off to whomever was sitting next to us. We all followed along if we were not the ones reading.

The second time we read the text we would high light and annotate what we thought was important when we weren’t the ones reading. Throughout the reading I noticed that the first time we read through the text everyone read really quickly and seemed nervous, this including myself.

The next time we read it everyone seemed to have relaxed and slowed down. We were able to understand the text but it wasn’t to challenging to read so it wasn’t too hard. We chose a paragraph on page 9 and dissected it so that we could understand the text better. It helped us become better readers I believe to read in front of other peers.

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