Blog Post #2- Essay

The word serious means a variety of things, because many people will interpret words in their own way. If you asked ten people what the word serious meant you would receive ten different answers. That is what occurred in COMP-150 on Friday, we were all asked to define the word serious.

This applies to this course because this course is studying and researching language. So understanding that each person will define a word in their own way is crucial to the writing process. This is because then you would have to be sure to set the tone correctly to insure that the reader interprets the word in the same way you do when writing it. When we say or use a word it could have a whole different meaning or definition the receiver.

The class discussion that took place on Friday has shown us that ordinary words that we all use every day are incredibly hard for us to define. We all just assume that everyone has the same understanding of a word that we do. Which in reality isn’t true because everyone grew up differently, in different settings, and with different influences that define their understanding of words in a specific language.

In COMP-150 we must be aware of different understandings to be a better writer. We need to be able to transfer out understanding to the reader, so they can see and understand whats been written exactly as we have written it. That is why it is so crucial to grasp the concept of the different definitions of a word when writing.

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