Mistakes made in papers:

  • Books are put in italics not quotes.
  • Turn signals are a convention.
  • Italics signal a book citation.
  • Be consistent in errors.
  • Preliminary matter is double spaced.

Home Work for the weekend:

  • Blog first post- type notes from today
  • Take 4 hour break
  • Second post- Essay on notes and relation to this class
  • Take 4 hour break
  • Third post- Essay on notes relating to our education as a whole

Classroom Discussion:

  • Transfer= connections; the use of one discipline in other disciplines.
  • Common comments- “I didn’t get anything out of that class” “It was a waste of time” “It is of no use to me” “I’ll never use that class”
  • We constantly talk about transfer.
  • Classes do not transfer because students aren’t pushed to make connections.
  • Plagiarism- Inability to paraphrase
  • Bring MLA format to blog whenever possible
  • Different site- paper, blog, text message, conversation.
  • Wide range open discussion, we are pushing to understand language, tease out subtleties in words, and push against commonly held assumptions.
  • In process we develop skills as critical thinkers.
  • Discovering how difficult writing is.
  • What does the word serious mean?
  • Precious- ” I don’t know, ┬ásomething that’s not kidding around” She established what the word is not.
  • Luke- ” A solemn attempt or attitude”
  • It is hard to expand on simple ordinary words.
  • Sydney- “Serious Texas BBQ, not serious thoughts”
  • Leighton- “Focused and determined”
  • CJ- “See it as a tone, in which you feel uncomfortable”
  • Setting and atmosphere play into how we define a word.
  • Katie- “Attempt on one’s part to make ourselves understood,”
  • Bean- “Communicating something important with conviction”
  • Carli- “First thought is from Batman ‘Why so serious'”
  • Sam- Going towards a goal with a motivated and driven mind set”
  • Norene- “Legitament and persistant”
  • Justin L- “Full bodied attempt, not holding anything back”
  • Justin R- “Emotion that shows the magnitude of the situation”
  • Mangrum- Emotion the matches or rises
  • Sam D- “Affirming realness and importance of a situation”
  • Kevin- “Not in simply speaking but in expecting something will be done; demanding”
  • James- “It’s an adjective”
  • Justin R- “It’s a que or signal”

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