Blog Post #3-Essay

In the course of my short time in college at Fort Lewis College I have learned that all of my classes are meant to be used together. To make connections and transfer knowledge is what scholars do in college. This is why we take a wide variety of college courses so that we can transfer knowledge. That is what we did in class discussion we transferred the definition of one word, serious, to many meanings.

It is important to be able to make connections and transfer what you learn across disciplines. My major discipline here at Fort Lewis is elementary education. So it comes naturally and easy to me to be able to make connections with all the class that I am taking in my first semester. I have some experience with the education field already, last year I worked in an elementary school doing before and after school daycare. I would help tutor the students in this daycare and so therefore I was able to see all the material that was being taught in the school.

Know with this knowledge I can see how all my math, writing, science, psychology, and especially my education courses. But what I have found is that my education courses are what really help me to connect all my classes together. Studying teacher education has rounded me into appreciating every bit of knowledge that I receive.

Knowing everything that I can and continuing to further my knowledge will help me to educate children better. I will be better suited to understand disabilities, different dialects, and most importantly adjust myself to bring knowledge to those children, because I know that every child has grown up differently and they all learn and interpret language uniquely.

Therefore my college experience has brought me so much knowledge, even if it has only just begun. I have learned how to make connections in disciplines and to adjust for others to better expand their knowledge. This classroom discussion has brought light to how us scholars are in need to be pushed to make these connections in our college career and then to the outside world through careers and family and friends.

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