CLASS: 29 October 2014

Today’s class was held outside. While we were outside we discussed arguments. We discussed that in an argument we all stake a claim, present evidence, and prepare a rebuttal. We have being doing this since childhood and it is a basic skills for us as individuals. The difference now is between student and scholar.

I believe that a student won’t develop and define this skill, a student looks for the easy way out, and the way to put in the least amount of effort. A scholar on the other hand will take this basic skill and develop it to be a sophisticated, convincing, and subtle skill. A scholar will use others information and transform it into something all of their own, while a student will just copy paste and cite information. A scholar is defined because they demand more than the bare minimum.

My stance is that we have already learned all the basic skills that are required of us when entering college. Now to make the transformation from student to scholar we need to define these skills, build upon them, transfer and make connections in our academic lives. We go through life building on that basic skills that we were taught at a young age. We build on them upon experiences in life and knowledge gained throughout the academic world.

We learned certain moves in life and now as we go through life and school we are using those same moves but just building on them and strengthening them. As scholars we are always building, growing, and defining our basic skills. I look at it as through out our educational career we have been polishing these skills.