Annotation Strategy: 4 November 2014

Article Annotation Strategy

            For the article What Is Rhetoric? by William Covino that we are supposed to read and annotate I will approach it with the strategy of reading the article first without any annotations. This way I can get a feel for the article and its substance before I annotate it with my thoughts. I then will go back and read it focusing more on the important paragraphs of the article. This way I won’t waste any time re-reading the ‘fluff stuff’. I will also use different colors of highlighters and pens to keep my mind fresh and alert.

When I do read my article I want to be in a quiet environment, with a cup of tea, and with some kind of natural lighting to keep me awake and alert. I won’t have any music playing because I want to fully immerse myself in the text. I want to welcome the text into my mind and understand it as best that I can. I would imagine that I want to spend about an hour and a half reading and annotating. This leaves me with a half hour to write this strategy and an hour to write my evaluation essay.

I believe this will be an effective strategy and it will in turn be efficient. This plan will give me enough time to complete all the tasks assigned and if executed correctly it will be done well. I plan to manage my time well and according to the schedule. Lets see how it goes!

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