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My name is Ami Gabryszewski. I am a first semester freshman at Fort Lewis College and I am studying Elementary Education.                                                    1899278_813604951998731_1191234510_o

I am enrolled in fifteen credit hours this semester. These classes include Introduction to Psychology 157, ED 222: Global Perspectives, Math 110: College Algebra, and COMP 150: Rhetoric and Research. These courses are all for my degree as I am a Finish in Four student. Here is a little overview of the studies in my classes thus far.


The book above is required for Introduction to Psychology. In this class the professor follows the basic lecture style classroom set up. We get notes from the professor and then have a test after each unit. Each one of our tests is open note and open book. All of grade rides on our tests and essays.

The next course that I am enrolled in is Global Perspectives. Currently we are study a new unit in the way of literary circles. I am now reading a heart wrenching and life changing book called Half The Sky by Nicholas Kristoff. It is based on women’s oppression and opportunity.


This is the material for College Algebra. This is a Freshman Math Program course. It is standard algebra that I did learn in high school and now it is like a review course but also teaches us how to apply this math to everyday life.



This is the course that I am taking that this blog applies too. The instructor is William Magnum. In COMP-150 we are taught how to write in many different sites, how to take notes for research, and how to expand our language. This class is by far the most applied and most scholar centered class that I have. Well this is my short college experience in a nutshell.







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