The Struggle within Education : Half The Sky

In education there are many children across the world that will never see a classroom. The amount of children that don’t go to school largely has to do with the fact that parents need children to perform household chores. They are sometimes forced to take on the responsibility as a parent to their siblings. Another large cause is that there is no way for children to travel to their nearest school. The last cause that is more common among females is prostitution.

Last semester I took my first class in the elementary education field. This class was called Global Perspectives. In this class I had a literary group that read a book called Half The Sky by Nicholas Kristof. This book addresses the issues that children and especially women face in third world countries with obtaining education. Half The Sky video clip 

This class was a mixture of studying global issues in education and studying different teaching methods that are used in the classroom. This was a beginning level education class just to get my feet wet with the education program.


We began reading this book when we were studying a unit on education inequality. Many females are not given the opportunity to have an education in many countries outside of the United States. This is because males are seen to be of a higher value in many countries and families will have to choose who they would like to send away to school, many times that is a male over a female in the family. Women are expected to maintain house hold chores in many countries even if males are present in the home.

One of the main reasons that women are kept illiterate is because men are afraid of what will happen if a woman is properly educated. They don’t want women to be able to fight back or to be able to develop an opinion.

There are many reasons that women and children are unable to have a decent education or an education at all. But the book Half the Sky is the starting point to realizing what education is like in other countries. It takes the blinders off of the American’s who have a perfect image of equal opportunity education throughout the world.

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