Participant Observer in Geology 107

I chose to observe my geology class because the class that I am taking this semester that does count toward my major was cancelled on Thursday. Geology 107 was the next class I had. This class is strongly focused on professor lectures and scholars note taking. I believe this causes students to be less engaged and pay attention less in class. I find that it becomes a mindless listening and note taking.

Geology is a whole new discipline to me. It is the first science course that I have taken while in college. My professor is nothing like any of my other professors this semester. She is very expressive of her feelings on certain issues in the geology community and very passionate about her teaching. Her name is Kim Hannula. She will lecture in the class time that we have but is also interactive with us when we have our lab once a week.

We are required to read out of this textbook and answer questions on Canvas before every class. This has become a routine for every scholar. I have noticed that Hannula will construct her lectures around these questions on canvas and if we have questions about the reading she will answer them.

In class I sit toward the front of the classroom, there are many other scholars that surround me. As the class carries on I notice that many scholars become disengaged and begin to take out their phones. Some scholars take vigorous notes but many just aren’t paying attention. I believe this is because our lectures are solely based off of the readings from the night before.

My lab partner Julia Fornan sits across the class from me. She sits against the wall and near the door. Usually about half way through the class I will notice that she will begin to dose off. Many other scholars will begin to do the same thing or just stop taking notes all together.

I do enjoy this class and I have heard many other scholars say that they find the material to be very interesting. I just believe that if the class was focused on being more student centered many more students would be involved in class room discussion. I find this to be the case in this classroom setting and many others that I have this semester.

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