Letter to Patti

Dear Patti,

During the semester, we read your book Just Kids, and as we read your book we had multiple discussions through out our classes. While reading your book I couldn’t help but to find myself so inspired, especially in the way that you over came so much. You started from the bottom and continued to earn everything that you wanted. You had to work for it and you did so with Robert by your side.

There was one thing in particular that stood out to me from everything else. The way your wrote this book was very inspirational in a few different ways. For example, I love how extremely detailed you are about the life of a rock star and the obstacles, adventures and life lessons your encounter in your life. Not only do you embrace the lifestyle, you are able to express it to us through your book so vividly and detailed. Especially with the way you dealt with Robert and his issues, you continued to show your true love and affection for him which inspires me to find the good in people even if you have to spend time searching for it.

I guess it just touched me the way you cared for him because you never had kids together, but in the end you two remained close with one another until Robert died. I can only imagine what it was like to be in love with someone who passed away. The fact that you let all of his personal belongings go, shows me how in love you two were. Not being able to look at his belongings anymore after he passed shows that your love for him was unlike any you had for anyone else in my opinion. It’s hard letting some go that you truly care about. It will be hard to let you go Patti, but you have taught me a lot and showed me even more in your writing.

Thank you Patti Smith.

Musical MD

Dear Musical MD,

For this particular situation I know exactly the situation you are in the attempt in trying to find new music to listen to while working out. For me personally, I too need quality music to listen to keep me motivated throughout my workout. I’m that kind of person who if I don’t have my headphones for a workout, I might as well go home, because quite honestly I will not be in the right mind set to get through an hour of working out. So to help you out Meryl, I picked out a few different artist and songs that should hopefully help push you while your getting through your workout. My first recommendation that I too was introduced too my my roommate Nic, is Run the Jewels. These guys are very hardcore, fast passed hip-hop that personally helps me get in the zone. Second I recommend Hell of a Night by Schoolboy Q. It’ll put you in a hell of a mood. Next I’d give Pusha T, Trouble on My Mind a listen. You’ll forget about all the trouble on your mind while listening to this song when your getting your pump on. The forth song I’d recommend is a song I’m sure you’ve heard before, but for someone who doesn’t listen to the new age hip-hop as much as I do the old school hip-hop, I definitely can get down to Drake’s 0 to 100 song. Doesn’t matter where I’m at this song just gets me hyped. Lastly I’m going to recommend a song and artist I’m a bit more familiar with. You may not be a fan of this which is totally fine, but Pretty Lights is known for sampling rappers in his music so maybe give Keep Em Bouncin a chance. It may seem overwhelming at parts, but if you are struggling closing out your finals sets during your workout, this song might just help push you to the end. It is a bit electronic sounding but the sampled rapping helps the balance. Start with these and let me know what you think. If you need more suggestions your musical MD is here to help!


your musical workout creator

How does music affect your brain?

Music has a huge influence on us in the way we dress or act or pertain ourselves. We depend on music in the way we think. We think differently when we listen to different music. For example, I think so much differently when I do homework or when I am trying to get some shut eye, but at the end of the day, music affects my brain in different ways. I mention homework because music keeps me focused, motivated, and on track with what I need to get done. I have a hard time listening to music with lyrics in them when I’m reading, because with the lyrics passing through in the background, I start to jumble the words and can’t help to want to sing along. I think it’s funny when how my brain thinks and reacts with the music I listen to when I am doing homework and trying to just relax and set my mind at ease before I go to bed. When I try to go to sleep, I have to listen to mellow music such as Jack Johnson or Bon Iver. It doesn’t matter where I hear these artists, if I hear them, I start to become at ease with myself because, of how the music makes my brain feel. Call me crazy, but it’s almost like a lullabies to me and that shows me how much influence the music has on our brains.

Favorite Track in a Film

You ever heard a song on the radio or on your iPod and instantly take you back to a specific movie or movie scene?

One of my all-time favorite movies from my childhood is the movie Miracle. Miracle is a sport docudrama about the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team beating the Soviet Union hockey team. During this time, it was more than just a hockey game because of  World War II and the Cold War taking place during this era. For a bunch of college kids on the United States team to beat the best team in the world was unheard of or was seen as a miracle. Being a huge hockey fan, Miracle obviously became one of my all-time favorite movies. If there is one thing that still continues to stand out to me as I think about that movie, it’s the track that played during the TV trailer and the track that was in the actual movie and that track was “Dream On” by Aerosmith. This song has stuck with me ever since I saw the movie Miracle. If I ever hear it playing, I instantly relate to the movie and what these 20 college kids did in 1980 during these Olympic Games. Because Aerosmith’s song “Dream On” is so popular, other artists such as Eminem and Griz have both sampled from the song ”Dream On,” which I listen to both songs frequently.

What song resonates with you the most from a movie?

Interview with Charine Gonzales

I interviewed Charine about her musical interests and what type of music she enjoys listening to, resonates with her, and music she simply just can’t stand.

20 Questions about music

  1. What is your favorite musical genre?

Hip hop

  1. What is it about music that you like the best?

I like the feelings music can channel out of nowhere

  1. What was your first ever concert?

My first concert was Slipknot

  1. Have you ever been to Red Rocks for a concert?

I have never made it out to Red Rocks, but I would like to!


  1. What is the best venue you have ever been to, to see live music?

The best venue I have ever been to was when I saw Metallica, at Tingly Coliseum in Albuquerque.

  1. How does music make you feel?

I like all music, for multiple emotions, and it just depends on my mood what genre I lean toward to… each particular day.


  1. Do you have different genres of music you like to listen to for different emotions?

I like all music, for multiple emotions, and It just depends on my mood what genre I lean toward to… each particular day.


  1. What is your absolute least favorite music genre? Why?

My least favorite genre would have to be really really really slow video game music.


  1. If you could see anyone see live who would it be and why?

Right now, I would really like to see J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, SchoolBoy Q, The Gaslight Anthem and the Grateful Dead (reunion group).


  1. What was your worst concert experience?

My worst concert experience was seeing Kid Cudi live, not because of Kid Cudi, but because the people I went with sucked.


  1. Do substances enhance a musical high or cause you to lose focus of the purpose of being at a show?

I think substances do have the ability to elevate your musical experience.


  1. How do you feel about EDM music?

EDM music is ok if your on drugs, but it just reminds me of robots.


  1. What is considered good music?

Good music is music that has the ability to make you feel good. Or feel something, anything but annoyance.


  1. If your life was based on one song what song would it be? Why?

A Day in the Life by The Beatles.


  1. Have you been to a festival? What was the experience like?

I have been to multiple festivals, I loved all of them, especially seeing multiple groups in one day.


  1. What is it about EDM music that younger generations love so much?

I think the younger generations just love the drugs involved with EDM music. I guess the beats can be cool, sometimes.


  1. How do you discover new music?

I consistently look on YouTube for upcoming artists and I keep up with upcoming artists lists on google.


  1. What is your best musical experience?

My best musical experience cannot be singled down to one moment, but it would probably be listening to music with my mom.


  1. What was the worst concert you’ve ever seen?

The worst concert I have ever seen is Crosby Stills and Nash… not because of the group at all, but because the crowd sucked balls.


  1. Name one song that reminds you of someone or some situation when you hear it.

A Day in the Life by the Beatles reminds me of LSD…. lol


And there you have it, my interview with Charine is a lover of all sorts of music and has had many wonderful as well as extremely horrible experiences with music, but all in all she has a strong passion for the sounds and feelings music can create.

Five Favorite “Love” Titled Songs

I’m not usually one to listen to love songs and relate them to a significant other, but I do listen to songs about love and listen to some of them on a regular basis. When I am listening to these “love” songs, I tend not to listen for the deep meaning that these love songs tend to carry, but I do have a top 5 of my personal favorite love songs. I guess you could say I love these songs.

Could You be Loved – Bob Marley

Bob Marley is such a wide known musical icon, and he is known for many of reasons and many of popular songs, but my personal favorite is “Could you be Loved” Of all of Marley’s songs, I truly enjoy the guitar riff that carries throughout the whole song. Personally, I believe the meaning to this song is that you must love to be loved and Bob Marley is all about love.

Skinny Love – Bon Iver

I was first introduced to Bon Iver my freshman year in the dorms by roommate and the more Bon Iver he introduced to me, the more I fell in “love” with his music. His soothing sound is so calming to me that I added his music to my “sleep” playlist. I go to sleep listening to music and Bon Iver is 90% of that playlist. I usually start the playlist with Skinny Love.

My Other Love – Pretty Lights

For those of you who still don’t know, Pretty Lights is one of if not my favorite artist. His jazzy hip-hop funky beats make me feel like no other music does. In this song Pretty Lights has two of my favorite musical instruments added to his beats; which are the piano and horn section. This is one of my favorite songs made my Pretty Lights and so much lovely live.

Summer Love – Michal Menert

If I was to break my own rule and  share a love song with a significant other, this would probably be the song I would choose. My reasoning? Because I love this song so much that if my girlfriend felt the same, I might just marry her. Ironically the word love is not used once in the whole song. The funky fast passed beats of this song just makes me think of summer days at the river with all my friends and beer, lots of beer.

Crazy Love – Pepper

Of all the songs I have listed, Crazy Love from Pepper is probably the most “lovey dovey” song on my list. This is a song about wanting or craving apart of the crazy love a girl brings or has to offer. To me I imagine this song is for all the high schooler’s because of idea that the girl offers crazy love and from my personal experience the craziest of girls were all in high school. Girls are all still crazy today that’s why you shouldn’t fall in love.

Happy Valentine’s to all you lovers out there.

Looking Back on Dave Mathews Band

Just like everyone else growing up, music was usually forced on them by their parents. Some of the music forced upon kids may or may not have stuck with them throughout their lives, but for me, the music I was introduced to eventually grew on me over the years. The Dave Mathews Band was one of my parent’s favorite bands when I was a child. I remember many times when looking through CD’s my parents owned and I usually found a pile of CD’s in their black zip-up CD case. I wasn’t a fan of Dave Mathews Band growing up, but what could I do? At my age there wasn’t much I could do except whine and complain about the music choices my parents listened to. Of course the irony is that as I grew, my parents would make their own little smart ass remarks about what music choices I made or what I listened to; and trust me I listened to some weird shit when I was in middle school and early high school years. While I would complain and moan when I heard the band my parents loved and listened to, I started to notice over the years, I began to miss listening to that band I hated so much when I was driving with my parents in the car or out camping at our property. If I ever heard Dave Mathews Band play on the radio I found myself listening to them and turning up the radio whenever I heard a song from the album Crash. It’s funny to me now that I still continue to listen to Dave Mathews Band on my Spotify playlists, so I guess you could say its guilty pleasure.

Get to know Nic

Nic Hassinger has been surrounded by music all his life. These songs represent a part of Nic’s life. Enjoy.

I guess we are going to have to start with Fleetwood Mac. I mean it’s a little stereotypical but Rumors was the first album that I ever bought on vinyl. The whole album is solid but the real standout track is Dreams. If I am ever in a bad mood I throw that bad boy on. It’s a real melancholy track but it’s still uplifting for some reason.

Let’s keep it just as stereotypical for this next one. Joy Division’s She Lost Control.  This was the first song that showed me that there is more music out there than christian rock. It just kick started my love of exploring new music.

By the way these are in no order and don’t even represent close to all of my favorite songs.

For number 3 I am going to go with Cake – The Distance. Growing up our babysitter would play so much cake every time we were in the car. I think I could probably sing this song word for word right now.

Forth on the list is from my teenage angst days. My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise) Back when I wore all black and straightened my hair. Yea that was a thing. Imagine me with that stereotypical angsty teen haircut. It’s just as bad as it sounds. I still listen to them every once in a while. When I’m home alone and there is no chance that anyone can hear me. It just takes me straight back to the teen years.

So finally The Notorious B.I.G. with Juicy. The first real rap song I remember hearing. And it hooked me in a big way. I can blame this song for the crazy love that I have for Hip Hop to this day. It also is just an upbeat song. “Damn right I like the life I live, ’cause I went from negative to positive….”

Part 2 of song number 5 is Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M. One of the original songs, like juicy, that hooked me in. I still find myself going back to the old school hip hop when I’m in a chiller mood and just hanging around the house. I even have this song on a 7” that I got at a white elephant gift exchange. The vinyl is even in the Wu-Tang symbol. It’s tight, one of my favorites.

This is Nic’s top 5. What are your top 5 most influenced songs?