From KDUR to NPR, Fort Lewis College alumnus Eric Whitney is still in our ears


For 40 years, KDUR radio has been helping students have fun sharing their voices over the air, while also training them as broadcasting professionals. And Eric Whitney is a testament to how far that sense of fun and the KDUR experience can take you.

As the news director for Montana Public Radio, Whitney’s award-winning reporting has been featured onNational Public Radio‘s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” He has also done three reporting excursions to Africa, including living in Cape Town for a year.

“I was attracted to public radio because I think it’s a great product,” says Whitney (English, ’99). “I think some of the journalism on public radio is some of the best out there, and I wanted to be a part of that. I have stuck with it because it’s something I love and it gives me opportunities to do amazing things.”

Eric WhitneyWhitney has reported for Colorado Public Radio, the High Plains News Service, and on health topics in the United States and Africa thanks to fellowships from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Knight Foundation. His reporting has also won awards from the Colorado Broadcasters Association, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, and the Scripps Howard Foundation.

“Radio is fun,” Whitney says, summing up his career. “And it keeps on being fun.”

Whitney first found the fun of radio at KDUR, FLC’s on-campus student-run radio station. Launched in 1974 broadcasting through speakers hardwired into the Student Union, today KDUR’s 6,000-watt signal can be heard all over Durango and southwestern Colorado at 91.9 FM and at 93.9 FM, and worldwide online at

“In college I discovered that journalism was right for me,” Whitney says. “The professors really helped kindle that fire within me once I had discovered it. But the stuff I really remember are the hands on experiences. Being a part of KDUR, I had a chance to try out and see if this really was what I wanted to do.”

As much fun as being on the air as a DJ can be, Whitney is quick to point out that there’s much more to radio journalism than just playing music.

“I remember doing my first DJ shift up there. It was simultaneously really terrifying and really fun,” says Whitney. “But to be a good journalist, you have to have a whole set of skills. You have to know how to use the equipment, but you also need a suite of skills, from basic interviewing and writing to using the audio editing software.”

“You also have to develop a sense for what a good story is,” he adds. “You have to be in tune with your audience and be able to deliver good, compelling stories on the types of things they’re curious about.”

For Whitney, who had no previous radio experience before arriving at Fort Lewis College, KDUR was where he not only found the fun of radio, but where he also started developing that “suite of skills” he needed to make that fun his career.

“There was no question the campus radio station was the coolest place to be,” Whitney laughs. “It was the soundtrack for my college, but it also helped me discover journalism.”

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10 Quick Ways to Promote Good Will About Fort Lewis College

10  Quick Ways to Promote Good Will About Fort Lewis College

 As a graduate of Fort Lewis College, we know you are proud to have gone to school here.  This was most likely the place where you met your best friends, developed new interests and discovered a passion for learning which has carried you into life.

Here are 10 quick ways you can help share your pride and promote good will:

  1. REFER a good student to FORT LEWIS COLLEGE and encourage them to apply for FLC SCHOLARSHIPS   Over 150 different scholarships are offered!
  2. ENCOURAGE a prospective student to visit your alma mater’s beautiful campus.  It is absolutely gorgeous and  in a location no other college can even come close to.  Period.  And if you haven’t been here in a while…..
  3. COME BACK AND VISIT!  Let Alumni Relations give you a personal tour of everything new and exciting on your campus.  But if you can’t come back soon-here is a video to update you:  A Drive Up The Front Hill
  4. KEEP UP-TO-DATE about all the latest and greatest happenings here at the Fort.  We want you to know WHY your degree is valuable from here.  Visit the FLC Alumni website often for news ,  and stay connected with each other and us via social media like Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter.
  5. READ your alumni email newsletter and share it with an old college buddy.
  6. Update your contact info with the Alumni Relations office so we can keep you “in the know” about events, students, jobs and more.
  7. WEAR your Fort Lewis College clothing/display your cool FORT LEWIS COLLEGE stuff!  We know lots of alums who have been asked about FORT LEWIS COLLEGE just from sporting a cap, t-shirt, or alumni mug at work or play from the Fort.
  8. INFORM your local high school about all the benefits of your degree from Fort Lewis College.  Yes, we have 5 (five) Colorado Professor of the Year awards (more than any other school except the Air Force Academy.)  Why yes, over 98% of my professors hold doctorate degrees and yes, I had easy access to them since Fort Lewis College is a small, liberal arts school…… need more benefits of going to FLC?  About Fort Lewis College
  9. SUPPORT Fort Lewis College Athletics!  After all, we are: 2005, 2009 and 2010 NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer National Champions!  And have the 2009-10, 2010-11 AND 2011-12 #1 ranked Division I cycling program!  As well as the 2010 NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball National Runners-up.  Now Fort Lewis College is recruiting a strong football team with the acquisition of John L Smith (a longtime NCAA Division I head coach with success at six different universities, including Michigan State, and Arkansas).  Come cheer for your FORT LEWIS COLLEGE teams!
  10. HIRE Fort Lewis College graduates at your business.

And while this is not on our list, we always also appreciate when you GIVE a donation to FLC.  Your gift will help a Fort Lewis College student with his tuition. GIVE NOW

Stay proud to be a graduate of Fort Lewis College!