Tuesday/Thursday Updates


As I have mentioned before, I am planning to hopefully center my research project around the idea of the word disabled. To begin, I have decided to begin posting observation notes every Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings I work with a young man that I know from high school. Him and I do a range of things from going to the library, the park, to just a walk to the river. He is a very large part of my life as I have grown to learn a lot about this population of individuals.

I plan on including my observation notes in the days to come as this may help others become more aware of this population of individuals as well as help me with my research.


How can we as a society help the population of “disabled”?


Disabled..In today’s society the word “disabled” usually has a negative connotation with the words “can’t”, DSCN4321“different”, and “limited”. When I looked up the exact definition for the word disabled it states, “(of a person) having a physical or mental condition that limits movements, senses, or activities” (merrium webster).

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems that we as a society have began to face. What do we call individuals that are different from the rest of us? We have become glued to the idea that it is okay to call them mentally impaired, physically impaired, and disabled, but have we really took a step back and put ourselves in their shoes?

I believe the first step to changing this misconception as a whole is to begin spending more time with these people. Over the summer I worked at a summer camp in California for individuals with disabilities (yes even I have a hard time figuring out the correct way to refer these kinds of people). When I worked at this camp though I not only became very close with many inspiring people, but I also learned a lot about myself. How truly blessed I was, but also how passionate I felt about the human race overall.

The reason I am posting about this is because I wanted not only get my scholar’s opinions on the word “disabled” but to give people a glimpse of how special and inspiring these people truly are.

So I’ll start with showing you my blog. As I left home and stepped foot into an entirely new surrounding I was planning on updating my SoLoved blog. The SoLoved blog consists of me and seven others that are focused and dedicated to making a difference around the world. Although I only updated my blog once while I was away, it may reveal an understanding as to what exactly I was doing on a day-to-day basis. If you may so happen to be interested in checking it out the link is:  http://solovedteam.weebly.com/annaDSCN4640

As I will be postingabout this topic much more often I would love to get some of you guys’ feedback on this topic. Oh and here’s a little pic of my buddies Benny and Steve. Have a wonderful day!

“What I saw set my soul on fire”


On the evening of Tuesday, October 21st, I attended the Dead Man Walking talk in the gymnasium given by author Helen Prejean. The talk was not only compelling in several aspects but also eye opening to some of the things that we do not see on an everyday basis.

Prejean wrote her book with a close relationship to Jesus. She shared that through sharing this story she has “awakened the gospel hqdefaultof Jesus”. When she first began writing letters to this man that was on death row, she then decided to shortly after go and visit him. Although this was incredibly uncomfortable for her she did it because she thought to herself, “whatever he had done, he was a human being”. This is exactly where her journey had begun.

Throughout the book she explains how important as well as challenging foregivness can be. Atleast this is what I thought the overall theme probably was. After speaking with the victim’s family, she explains that foregiveness is remaining whole after someone has done something horribly wrong to you or a loved one close to you.

Overall, I thought that Helen Prejean was a very inspiring individual. She opened my eyes to humanity but also the human heart overall. She taught me that throughout every religion and spiritual practice, love is the most important aspect of all.

Social Media is ruining some of life’s greatest moments


Now that’s an argument starter..Social Media has its benefits, sure. Instagram, twitter, facebook, it’s all fun I get that. But I also believe that there is a time and place for everything.

As my sister and I were driving to Vail yesterday, I became upset because she was on her phone the entire way of the drive. Sure, she’s a teenager, isn’t social media what everyone is doing these days? Yes, but the problem is I think that because we are on our phones so often we often miss some of life’s greatest moments. Just within the 5 hour trip from, she missed seeing a majority of the Fall colors, the sunset, and so many more beautiful scenes. This is just an example of how we as a society are becoming more and more disconnected from the things that are important in our life. Not only are our natural surroundings important but also the people within our lives. It is time to put the phones, ipads, and laptops away.

Go outside and experience life!

Here I have attached a video called Look Up produced by Gary Turk as he explains the problems with social media in today’s society.



Today’s Reflections


The importance of multimodal communications is Adan Soto’s daily life:

  • Linguistic mode: This includes talking to people everyday to communicate their wants and needs . Since Soto plays football he has to communicate with his teammates on a daily basis to explain where they need to be for the next play.
  • Visual: Soto explained that this is important because everywhere we go we are constantly looking at something and making a visual impression of it. He also watches TV and sees a lot of commercials that imply multimodal discourse.
  • Aural: Soto explained that when one watches a movie the kind of background music sets the mood for each scene that happens in the movie. Also, every noise has a meaning or a memory. An example of a memory that Adan has from a sound is a whistle because it automatically reminds him of all the sports he has played in the past.
  • Spatial: On the football field everyone has to be lined up or arranged in a certain position. This is important because players want to be spread out across the field so that every area is protected.
  • Gestural: Tell how somebody is feeling by their body language. If you see someone shaking hands it is a sign of friendship or a new meeting.


CELEBRATING the past, one bead at a time



 In order to an image multimodal it must have a text that supports the importance of the image.

This image is supporting the clothing created by Orlando Dugi in the art gallery at Fort Lewis College. It catches the viewers attention for several reasons:

  • The Vibrant Colors
  • The Sunset Background
  • The “Fierce” Facial Expression
  • The Dark Makeup

After speaking with Nicole Williams, student and employee of the Southwest Studies Art Gallery, I learned that Orlando Dugi centers his work around the idea of ‘evening gowns’. Williams explained to me how much work Dugi has put into his work and she stated that “all of the work is done to celebrate the past and expresss the several indiviual statements to be said from this artwork”.

I think it it important for all of us to reveal the importance of our communication not only on a blog post like so, but on a daily basis. By doing so it allows our audience to take a step into our lives, our past, and the ways in which we communicate our ideas best.

The importance of headings


On Wednesday morning at 9:45 AM, Adan Soto and I met to speak about the recent article we read “11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs”. In our discussion we came to the conclusion that one of the most important parts of a blog is the header. We decided this because according to Soto “it gives the blog more flavor”.

After speaking about this I agreed with him and proceeded to show him my own personal photography blog. I showed him this because the header of my blog explains a lot about who I am as an individual as well as the blog’s overall “feel”. If any of you would like to take a look at my blog I welcome you to do so!


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