Visual Mode

After learning about the five different modes, I came to the realization that my favorite way of communicating information is through visual mode because I learn and express things better visually. Since visual mode covers color, layout, style, size, and perspective it is easy to learn information quick.

A few important things from chapter one

Throughout chapter one of the Writer/Designer handbook I learned that the way in which we all communicate with each other on a daily basis is called multimodal communications. I learned that there are five modes that make communication possible. These consist of linguistic mode, aural mode, gestural mode, spatial mode, and visual mode.

Writer/Designer Table of Contents

As I was reading through the first couple of pages of the Writer/Designer handbook, I found that the table of contents were incredibly helpful. They were so helpful because under each chapter and heading, there were several subtopics and categories underneath it. Just within chapter 1 there were 7 subcategories that were presented in that chapter. This becomes helpful to us as scholars because if there is something specific we are looking for, such as what a linguistic mode is, we can find it easily.