CELEBRATING the past, one bead at a time



 In order to an image multimodal it must have a text that supports the importance of the image.

This image is supporting the clothing created by Orlando Dugi in the art gallery at Fort Lewis College. It catches the viewers attention for several reasons:

  • The Vibrant Colors
  • The Sunset Background
  • The “Fierce” Facial Expression
  • The Dark Makeup

After speaking with Nicole Williams, student and employee of the Southwest Studies Art Gallery, I learned that Orlando Dugi centers his work around the idea of ‘evening gowns’. Williams explained to me how much work Dugi has put into his work and she stated that “all of the work is done to celebrate the past and expresss the several indiviual statements to be said from this artwork”.

I think it it important for all of us to reveal the importance of our communication not only on a blog post like so, but on a daily basis. By doing so it allows our audience to take a step into our lives, our past, and the ways in which we communicate our ideas best.

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