Today’s Reflections


The importance of multimodal communications is Adan Soto’s daily life:

  • Linguistic mode: This includes talking to people everyday to communicate their wants and needs . Since Soto plays football he has to communicate with his teammates on a daily basis to explain where they need to be for the next play.
  • Visual: Soto explained that this is important because everywhere we go we are constantly looking at something and making a visual impression of it. He also watches TV and sees a lot of commercials that imply multimodal discourse.
  • Aural: Soto explained that when one watches a movie the kind of background music sets the mood for each scene that happens in the movie. Also, every noise has a meaning or a memory. An example of a memory that Adan has from a sound is a whistle because it automatically reminds him of all the sports he has played in the past.
  • Spatial: On the football field everyone has to be lined up or arranged in a certain position. This is important because players want to be spread out across the field so that every area is protected.
  • Gestural: Tell how somebody is feeling by their body language. If you see someone shaking hands it is a sign of friendship or a new meeting.


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