Social Media is ruining some of life’s greatest moments

Now that’s an argument starter..Social Media has its benefits, sure. Instagram, twitter, facebook, it’s all fun I get that. But I also believe that there is a time and place for everything.

As my sister and I were driving to Vail yesterday, I became upset because she was on her phone the entire way of the drive. Sure, she’s a teenager, isn’t social media what everyone is doing these days? Yes, but the problem is I think that because we are on our phones so often we often miss some of life’s greatest moments. Just within the 5 hour trip from, she missed seeing a majority of the Fall colors, the sunset, and so many more beautiful scenes. This is just an example of how we as a society are becoming more and more disconnected from the things that are important in our life. Not only are our natural surroundings important but also the people within our lives. It is time to put the phones, ipads, and laptops away.

Go outside and experience life!

Here I have attached a video called Look Up produced by Gary Turk as he explains the problems with social media in today’s society.