Tuesday/Thursday Updates


As I have mentioned before, I am planning to hopefully center my research project around the idea of the word disabled. To begin, I have decided to begin posting observation notes every Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings I work with a young man that I know from high school. Him and I do a range of things from going to the library, the park, to just a walk to the river. He is a very large part of my life as I have grown to learn a lot about this population of individuals.

I plan on including my observation notes in the days to come as this may help others become more aware of this population of individuals as well as help me with my research.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday/Thursday Updates”

  1. So when blogging, make use of italics and bold print to let things stand out like you did above with the term “disabled.” Also start linking specific items to let us go to sites that help us understand what you’re talking about. You can even play around with more pictures or gifs and even different colors if you want! I think it would add a nice flair 🙂

  2. Make sure your header is under the regulations they give you when you add a new picture, I don’t know if yours is to size, but check it just in case.

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