Sunday 7 December 2014/12:00-4:00PM: Today I finished my research project, yippie!

Saturday 6 December 2014/12:00-5:00 PM: Today I worked on my research project at the public library. I finished all of my work although I still need to make it more multimodal with images and hyperlinks.

Saturday 8 November 2014/ 7:00-8:30 PM: Tonight I read the articles Toulmin Argument and Significant Learning. Since I was behind on these 2 articles I read them and blogged about them to finish up my blog before submitting it.

Wednesday 5 November 2014/ 10:00-11:00 PM: Tonight I worked on finishing my “about me” page. I then created another blog post about the Special Olympics.

Tuesday 4 November 2014/ 10:30-11:00 AM: This morning I worked on updating my blog and made a blog post about my Tuesday/Thursday updates.

Monday 3 November 2014/ 10:00-11:00 PM: Tonight I worked on my “about me” page. Although I am not yet finished with it, I did make some good progress on it.

Sunday/ 2 November 2014/6:20-7:30 PM: This evening was the blogathon at Mr.Mangrum’s house. I worked on beginning to attach SEC 3’s blogs to my page. I also shared my recent blog post with others and got some insight from the other class as to how this research topic would work exactly.

Sunday/ 2 November 2014/12:00-2:00 PM: This afternoon I focused on working on my blog and thinking more about my research topic. I am very focused now on the word “disabled” as I want to being delving into this more. I will be back on in a few hours blogging from Mr.Mangrum’s house.

Friday/ 31 October 2014/9:45-10:45 AM: This morning in class I met with Mangrum to discuss my blog’s strength’s and weaknesses. We discussed that I not only need to get more motivated but that I also need to start presenting my posts in more of a multimodal form (Pictures, Videos, Diagrams, Etc).

Friday/ 24 October 2014/6:00 AM-9:00 AM: This morning I updated my blog based on the Dead Man Walking Presentation. I also read the required text from the Language book. However, I did not have time to blog about this.

Sunday/ 19 October 2014/6:30-10:00 PM: I finished my blog post about social media, and finished my self assessment. Yippie!

Saturday/ 18 October 2014/3:00-5:00 PM: I began working on my self assessment, updated my blog, and changed my header image.

Wednesday/ 15 October 2014/7:00-8:00 PM: I finished updating my scholar’s links to my blog. I also continued planning my self assessment out.

Wednesday/15 October 2014/9:35-10:55 AM: I worked with Fran and Garrett this morning. I got help with several of the links, pages, and widgets I was missing on my blog. I also started my planning and preparation for my self assessment due this Sunday.


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  1. Hyperlink some of the stuff in your log so you have an easier time keeping track of it! You can link things to your blog posts and pages as well!

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