Research Project


In this research project I will study how the word “disabled” makes an individual with disabilities feel about themselves on a day-to-day basis. By doing this I will specifically look at the following:

  • Negative and Positive Connotations of the word “disabled”.
  • Perceptions of the disabled.
  • The history of the word “disabled”.
  • The ways in which our society advocates towards this specific group of people.
  • How our society as a whole can improve the negative connotations behind the word.

In order to complete this research I have interviewed 6-7 individuals throughout the country that I have personally worked with over the years at summer camps, along with local volunteer programs. I have interviewed them about their views and knowledge of the word “disabled”. I have also included 2 books within my research. These include “A Disability History of the United States” and “A different Life”. I have used these resources above to explain the history of the word “disabled”as well as a better understanding from individuals with disabilities themselves. 


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