Ways in which our society could improve upon the negative connotions of the word


Although our society has become much more accepting towards this population, there are still many negative views of these people and who they truly are. Below are my interviewees oppinions about what we can do to better this ongoing misconception.

  • “From my perspective as a psychology major, I think the most
    Lexi Whalen, Psychology Major, Fort Lewis College
    Lexi Whalen, Psychology Major, Fort Lewis College

    important thing we as a society can do is to change the stigma about disabled individuals. Rather than seeing them as a burden on society, it is important to view them as humans just like ourselves. They deserve just as much respect as the rest of us” -Lexi, Durango, CO

Lynn Martens, mom (left), Cole, son (right).
  • “I believe that in order for these individuals to feel more accepted there needs to be full integration in everything we do from school, to the workplace, to social opportunities” -Lynn Martens,Durango, CO.
  • “I personally feel that we need to treat individuals with special needs the same as every other human on this planet. Some people do tend to act differently when they see a person with special needs but one way to get over that hill is to treat them like an every other person you see. Although my community does a great job including these types of people within the work force, as a whole we could definitely open up several more jobs for the population of special needs” -Veronika, San Diego, CA.
Camp Harmon, 2014.
Camp Harmon, 2014.
  • “I think that we need to realize that many of the people with physical disabilities are often cognitively aware, and that they notice when they are being talked down to. I try and treat them with the same respect that I would give anyone. And if the individual isn’t cognitively aware, you can’t treat them like a baby, they need to be disciplined also” -Andi, Santa Cruz, CA.
  • ” We as a society need to lessen the stigma of having a disability. Educate community members about having a strength-based perspective on individuals with disabilities, meaning focusing on what these people have going well in their life. By having the recognition of their strengths, skills, and gifts be the social norm for individuals living with disabilities.  Naturally, they will feel more dignified and empowered by their social environment and therefore more likely to express their talents and gifts” -Chris, Durango, CO.
Camp Harmon, 2014. Benny and Steve.
Camp Harmon, 2014. Benny and Steve.

I believe that if we as a society can come together as a whole, those with disabilities would feel much more accepted and loved. The world is full of a very rich diversity, and the more that we can begin treating these individuals  just like the rest of us, the less physical segregation there will be. 

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