Research Conclusion

Nicholas and I. Summer of 2013.
Nicholas and I. Summer of 2013.

Through all of the research done, I have found that each of us vary as individuals. Not only through our views and perceptions, but also our bodies and minds. With this being said, I believe that the word “disabled” should not be a label we use to restrict individuals but instead an attribute to be used for growth and unconditional love. As this word is constantly changing within our society, it has begun to reflect our society as a whole, rather than the individual specifically. Overall, it is important to remember how much words do matter. Before you act, THINK. Whether the disability is temporary or permanent, no one is perfect. Each and every one of us has room to grow, and that in itself is beautiful.


One thought on “Research Conclusion”

  1. The word ” disabled” is definitely a label that should be re-considered because it is grouping different types of unique individuals in similar categories. Also, when those with differences hear themselves being labeled as “disabled”, this creates an image that they constantly refer to themselves being disabled. Language is extremely important.

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