Annotated Bibliography


Bradlee, Quinn, and Jeff Himmelman. A Different Life: Growing up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures: A Memoir. New York: PublicAffairs, 2009. Print.

This book is a memoir written by Quinn Bradlee. As he was born with a hole in his heart, he suffered from a wide variety of physical ailments along with a learning disability. Through this compelling story, it greatly helped me with my research project because of Bradlee’s profound words about his disability and the ways in which it affected him throughout his childhood. This all helped illuminate what is would be like growing up with a disability as I included several of his points within my paper.

Nielsen, Kim E. A Disability History of the United States. Boston: Beacon, 2012. Print.

This book was written by Kim Nielsen, a disability historian, to express the ways in which the word “disabled” has changed over the years throughout America. As her book includes several primary-source documents, it was helpful for my research project to explain the ways in which the phrase “disabled” has changed over the years.

Martens, L. (2014, December 1). Personal Interview.

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Before I began compelling my research paper, I sent my interviewees 7 interview questions for them to answer. These questions related were based on their thoughts around the word “disabled”, how they think our society advocates towards these types of people, and lastly how our society could do a better job of this. Overall, their opinions were extremely helpful towards this project.




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