Significant Learning (Dee Fink)


The article Significant Learning was written by Dr.Fink, from the University of Oklahoma. Fink’s purpose of the article was to explain the importance of significant learning . He explains that in order for students or “scholars” to understand and learn material throughout college courses the professor and scholar must follow six fundamental aspects. These aspects are listed below:

1. Foundational Knowledge: Foundational knowledge is learning about information and ideas as well as remembering them. This is the basic principle of where all learning begins!

2/3. Application and Integration:¬†Application and integration somewhat go hand in hand because¬†as integration follows the idea of applying the knowledge you’ve learned to your life, it also covers the idea of applying it to the people and friends within your life.

4. Human Dimension: The next idea that Fink discusses is human dimension which is learning about ourselves and others. This is so important in my opinion because in order to learn about a variety of subjects we must first gain knowledge about the people surrounding us as well as ourselves.

5. Caring: Personally, this is a big one for me as I’m sure that many would also agree. Part of college or really just life in general is about caring for others, developing new passions and interests, and just being open to new ideas that may come about.

6. Learning how to learn: Lastly, Fink describes the importance of learning how to learn and focus throughout classes. I think this one is important as well because it goes along the guide lines of becoming more self motivated as well as helping others on a day to day basis.

Overall, Fink’s article was personally extremely useful to me because of these six guidelines that he explained. It really illuminated the idea that learning is so much more than just sitting in a lecture on a day to day basis.



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