Self Assesment 1 (Midterm)


Midterm Self Assesment

Throughout the first half of the semester there have been several things that I have done well on but also many things that I could improve on. Below I have listed 10 affordances in which I feel are the most important. I have also rated these affordances on a 1-5 number scale. Below you will also see the reasoning as to why I have given myself an average of 72% for a midterm grade.

1: Very poor, 3: Average, but needs improvement, 5: Excellent.

Affordances             Rating (1-5)
1. Actively engaging within the class circle ups       4
2. Purchasing the designated books and taking the time to actively read them       2
3. Updating my blog on a weekly basis       3
4.Attending and participating in the co-hart groups       4
5. Communicating with professor Mangrum when I have questions or concerns (texting/email)       5
6. Understanding the uses of multi-modal communication and applying this to my blog      4
7. Creating relationships with my scholars and asking them for help when needed      5
8. Attending class on a weekly basis      2
9. Taking notes      5
10. Challenging myself      2


class in circle small wide pic

1. During the class circle ups I feel that I engage in what my scholors are saying but I gave myself the rating of a 4 .0 because I feel that I could speak out more and ask questions more frequently.





2. I have purchased all three of the books (Writer/Designer, So What, and Language). To be completely honest however, I have not taken much time to actively read and apply the concepts and ideas to my blog. For this reason, I gave myself the rating of a 2.0.

3. Although we have been told to update our blogs on a weekly basis, I also must  admit that I have not done this. I haven’t been consistent about it because I either got busy or did not feel it was important. I am learning more and more however that the more that I blog the better I become at understanding the key concepts and ideas. Just like anything, practice makes perfect.

4. I personally have loved my co-hart group. Although I did miss a meeting that my group had, I personally feel that within my co-hart group we discussed and shared ideas that we thought were important throughout the week. This has helped me learn in a different way and has been more beneficial than sitting in a lecture. I have enjoyed it because the information comes from my peers who are learning the same amount of material as I am, if not more.

5. I think that I communicate and express my questions fairly often with Mr.Mangrum. I have found that this is important because without doing so I would have been confused and behind when returning to class after missing.

6. Although I understand the uses of mutimodal communication and how it is important in our daily lives, I feel that I could begin to add it to my blog more often than I have. Although I understand clearly how to upload photos, I still have yet to learn how to upload videos and more. I hope to learn these things within my cohart groups within the second half of the semester.

7. I have also found that it is important to connect and communicate with my scholors. For they are helpful and wise as well. I feel that I have done a good job in doing this throughout the semester. It has actually came easy to me since I love being social!

8. One thing that I have struggled with is attending class on a regular basis. Not just COMP 250, but all of my classes. I have struggled with this because of my lack of motivation from time to time. As I have reflected a bit on how I spend my time, I have came to the conclusion that I spend about 35 % of my time sleeping, 20 % of my time exercising, 20 % of my time with my friends and family, 20 % of my time working, and about 5 % of my time doing homework. The problem with this is that I spend much more time doing the things that I would like to do instead of doing the things that I need to do. I have found that I need to spend much more time blogging, much more time completing out of class homework, and much more time engaging on the importance of my classes. I have also came up with a few strategies as to how I am going to improve this slight problem during the remaining time I have left in this class. My strategies are as followed:

  • Spend less time sleeping, and more time blogging.
  • Remembering my purpose and why I am enrolled in school
  • Saying prayers to also help motivate me during my hard days
  • Keeping in contact with Mr.Mangrum to let him know when I am struggling
  • Working towards an A/B average

9. “Take notes on EVERYTHING I say”. As this is what Bill told us from the first day of class, I completely agree with him because it is a good way to reflect after class on everything that we have been learning. I love to take notes and I feel that I have done a good job at doing so.


10. Another thing I feel that I could improve on is challenging myself more in this class. I personally feel that I have been scared to try new things on my blog because of the fear that I will my blogs up. I am beginning to learn more however, that you don’t improve unless you try new things and learn from them.

After I have added these 10 affordances, I can confidently say I deserve a 72 % as a midterm grade. Although this is a low C, I hope that I can work my way up to an A or B by participating more in class, actively reading the material, and updating my blog more frequently. Thank you for all that you have done!

Total: 36/50 (72 %)

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