Self Assesment 2 (final)


Self Assessment (final):

Over the course of the second half of the semester I have learned several things that have made me be a better learner, better writer, and overall a much better person. Below I have listed 10 affordances in which I feel have been the most important to me throughout the second half of this semester. Next to each affordance I have given a rating on a 1-10 number scale.

Affordance Rating (1-10 number scale)
1. Attendance              3
2. Keeping up with my log/record              9
3. Participated in the celebration of student writing              10
4. Group Blogathon              8
5. Collaboration/Input on my scholor’s blogs              9
6. Note taking             7
7. Taking pride and responsibility for my research project             10
8.Participating in group discussions             9
9. Making connections in and out of class             9
10. Time on task/independent blogging days             6

Total: 80 %

Although I have improved my work ethic from the middle of the semester, there are still a few things that I feel I could improve on including my attendance, as well as time on task assignments.

1.  ATTENDANCE (3): As mentioned before, one thing that I unnamedstruggled with throughout the entire semester was my attendance. I struggled with this because I feel that I was not challenged enough as a scholar. It was very easy for me to skip class, yet still have a general understanding of what was going on within the class. Although this is not something I am proud of, and not something Mangrum is proud of, I want this to be a goal for my future classes; to make sure to attend class even when it is difficult.  After speaking with Mr.Mangrum after class one day, I felt guilty for missing so much class but I also learned a great amount about myself as person and the ways in which I am motivated.

2. BLOG LOG/RECORD (9): I personally loved keeping a log of the days in which I blogged. I kept up with this and enjoyed it because it helped me see how much time I had spent on my blog, as well as how much time I still needed to put into my posts. I also found it helpful because it helped Mr.Mangrum see how much time I had taken on our blogs.

3. CELEBRATION OF STUDENT WRITING (10): The celebration of student writing was AWESOME. I loved it because it gave us scholars the opportunity to present the things in which we learned throughout the semester, and also express ourselves through our own presentation. Although there were only a few people at my presentation, I really enjoyed this opportunity to share the things in which I feel the most passionate about.

4. BLOGATHON (8): The group blogathon at Bill’s house was a really great opportunity. I enjoyed the FOOD, the PEOPLE, and really just the overall ENVIRONMENT. I gave myself a rating of 9 however, because I feel that I could have collaborated and taught other scholars more than what I did.

5. COLLABORATION WITH MY SCHOLARS (9): Before my fellow scholars turned in their research projects, I spent a great amount of time imagescommenting on their blogs about the things that they did great, but also areas in which they could improve. If I were to make an estimate about the amount of blogs in which I commented on, I’d say it was 10-12. I enjoyed looking at other people’s work and also learned several things that I could improve on within my own blog.

6. NOTE TAKING (7): One thing that I learned throughout this class was the importance of note taking. I learned that it was so important not only to look back and reflect upon what I had learned, but this also helped me engage more in class.

7. RESEARCH PROJECT (10): Although I was a bit behind on getting started on my research project, I really felt that I put a lot of hard work into it. I used several different resources and got a great amount of help and information from my interviewees. I felt very strong about my topic and the ways in which I presented my information. I enjoyed doing the research project because of the fact that we got to choose what to research, but also because I feel that it will be very useful in the future to look back on.

8. PARTICIPATION IN GROUP DISCUSSIONS (9): The group discussions that we have had in class have been very beneficial towards my learning, and also beneficial towards getting to know other scholars within my class. I have learned a variety of things about word choice, arguments, note taking, healthy living, and more.

9. MAKING CONNECTIONS IN/OUT OF CLASS: On the last day of class Mr.Mangrum gave us a great quote to leave on. He told us, “When you learn someone’s name you Worldbegin to care. When you begin to care, you listen. When you listen, you begin to learn. When you learn, you change, and the world becomes a better place”. I personally found this to be incredibly beneficial and relevant to what we have learned this semester because it all relates to the greater world in some form or another.

10. TIME ON TASK/INDEPENDENT BLOGGING DAYS (6): When we had independent blogging days it was challenging for me to stay bloggingmotivated and actually get the work done. This was a bit more challenging for me because self motivation has never been a strength of mine.

Overall, I have really enjoyed taking this class and I feel that many of the things in which I learned, I will take with me. Thank you for all your hard work!








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