What is Exercise Science?

There is a new growing field in exercise science, with a wide range of varieties. It is a field in which the scholar studies the science behind human movement as well as the importance of nutrition, health, and exercise. There is a special science behind injuries and the human bodies recovery, as well as learning about nutrition to fuel the body in a healthy manner. Various research projects have also been introduced to further the deeper understanding of the human body.

Usually these majors need an interest in exercise, biology and health. There are many courses that integrate the three subjects, and ES scholars dive into the three to learn more about how the human body reacts to different stimuli, whether it is nutrition, exercise, muscle movement and recovery, or even a thorough outlook on the behavior of cells. Those who are interested in sports and enjoy motivating others, this field of study is highly recommended because there are various courses to help express your interest.

There is plenty of jobs that can be enforced with such a degree especially because there are many specific degrees. One could major in ES Sports Administration, ES Specialist, ES Personal Trainer, or ES Physiology. These degrees open job opportunities based on personal interest. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, coaching, physicians assistant, pre-med, and the list continuous. There are numerous outcomes, and it is an expanding field. Physical therapists are also at a high demand now because the baby boomer generation is hitting the elderly age where physical therapy is required more often, and with so many patients new doctors are being called on. This degree is meant to probe questions about the human body, and its reactions and recovery. It is meant for those people who truly enjoy working with others in an athletic manner. A personal job, one where you don’t sit at a desk for eight hours straight.