Dead Man Walking

Three words… Three words that define a man’s life. The staged reading of Dead Man Walking preformed by the theater department left me speechless. I never truly understood

Dead Man Walking Cover

what the title meant. When a death row inmate is on his way to die the guard shouts “Dead Man Walking”. This is just so eerie. This play touched me in ways I cannot explain. The subject falls near to my heart. It speaks to me great tones. Sister Helen Perjean does such a good job of bringing this very hard subject to light in such a wonderful way. The story of Matt and Perjean’s journey is strong and meaningful.

This production goes to show that theater can change the world. Dead Man Walking as a book and show has moved so many audiences. Theater says so many things we as people cannot, it touches and brings to light so many things. I want my life mean something. I want to change lives .
Dead Man Walking is the first show I have not worked on since arriving at Fort Lewis.  I have forgotten what it is to just sit and enjoy a show. When the lights came up after the curtain call I just had to sit and gather my thoughts.  The acting was great and the whole atmosphere just made everything great.
If you have not read or seen Dead Man Walking I encourage you to do so.

Filling up my brain bucket!


Knowledge! Our most powerful weapon. While reading articles from Language A reader for Writers I am learning a lot. The articles are very insightful.

We can di it poster
We can di it poster

I read Why Being a Jerk at Work Pays by Amy Reiter. She highlighted what I means to be a woman in the workplace. I learned that you have to be the right amount of aggressive to get what you want in this world as a women. Being a woman in a male dominated field I really appreciated what Reiter had to say about walking the fine line between being a strong worker and just a flat out B-word.

Another thing I learned was from the essay The Dirtiest of word on Capital Hill: Racism by Shani O. Hilton. She describes word that politicians are using and what they mean. This made me think a lot about the word I might be using without even thinking about it. Hilton brings to light what our vocabulary says about us and how it reflections on what other think.

These reading are really helping me open my mind to how I might come across to  a person. I am learning a lot about what it means to  be woman in my profession and how I want people to see me in that.

It only makes sense if you were me!

Notes from class on 9/22/2014
    • Pay attention to fundamentals it will make most papers better
    • “I intended to___ but I did this ___ really well” does not work!
    • Sweat the details
    • Pay attention to forms
    • Conventions- system of rules within your discipline
    • Convention that the discourse has approved, they are developed. MLA- social agreement
    • Scholars- quite fighting against the rules of the game
    • You don’t have to play the game
    • Agency -> power to choose
    • Embrace conventions of  community
    • Master conventions before questioning
    • As you move up you are given authority
    • Afforded -> privilege to challenge
    • If you play you have to master conventions
    • All disciplines advance by being challenged
    • Complexity -> Problematizes -> Term Convention  (Jordan Benton)
    • Conventions in rules and on skills
    • Politics are always changing -> Debates
    • Athletics – Medicine – Politics – Schooling – Theater- Education
    • Unspoken agreements- function as conventions
    • These have force of the community but are not law
    • Interdisciplinary work to invent new conventions
    • Following rules
    • Standard operating procedures–  EMT- Matt
    • Think of yourself as a professional advance your case with writing everything down
    • Are all conventions social? -> Clara
      • Socialconvey something between two or more people or amongst a group of people
      • Homeschooling could be a nonsocial convention
        • The fact that you could opt out of public school could still be a rule
    • In the field of writing- style is a personal choose- making it a nonsocial convention
    • Scary to think that most of what we do is because other have told us to do it
    • How would we live without knowledge and advancements?
    • Humans are programed to do 2 things
    • 1) Eat and stay alive
    • 2) Procreate
    • Questions should no be considered resistance
    • Exigency -> urgency
    • What’s the exigency need that requires some kind of writing?
    • Be criticaly aware at every moment of the situation you are in
    • “You cannot change a convention until you master it but you can challenge it on your way there”- Austin
    • “We have to be willing to adapt to changing conventions” -Cory
    • Talk to ones self, we draw upon our own thoughts
    • Really good papers use the voices in your head
    • Conventions improve writing
      • Listening, questioning, talking laughing
      • When you make room fir the voices improves writing
      • We are learning how to talk, question and learn together
      • We have a disconnect of writing and talking

A picture says 1000 words


Take a wonder around campus. If you just walk without a goal you might actually see something that is out of the ordinary. On my adventure around campus I opened my eyes to the multimodal advertisements that cover our wonderful campus. Come and take a journey with me in a multimodal universe.

A brochure for a local theater
A brochure for a local theater

This brochure for Creede Repatory. Many things here shows us good examples of multimodal posting:

  • The Picture– this grabs our attention and makes us interested in what the theater has to offer.
  • The slogan– the verb “LIVES” just causes the reader to wonder how they can make that calm, it makes us want to experience the living theater.

I also found this poster for KDUR our community radio.

KDUR's 40 anniversary poster
KDUR’s 40 anniversary poster

This poster gives many says many things about the radio station.

  1. It is fun- the way the poster is animated it makes us feel like we might be missing out on something. The quote “40 Years old.. and Still in College” is catchy and silly, making us think about how much fun we have in college or how much fun college was. It is relatable and simple.
  2. It is continuing to grow- I think that the radio tower and the different styles of the characters makes you think that the radio station will continue to grow. The radio tower remind me of a tree and with the bird it could be a symbol of growing.
  3. They want you to listen- The fact the radio station has been around for 40 years is amazing on its own! This poster is celebrating the 40 years KDUR has been, but it is also trying to get people to listen and enjoy it.

The last picture I have to near and dear to my heart. It is the show poster for Sun and Room. 

Show poster for Sun and Room a show produced by the Fort Lewis College Theater November 2013

The great thing about this poster is that it is simple yet it says so much. The picture that acts as the back ground hold everything that the show is. The sun light and the room are both shown. The poster gives you a time and place. It also makes you wonder what could this show be about. It engages the audience before the even enter the room. That is good multimodal usage.

Blogging is fun!


I have really enjoyed blogging. I really think this is a good way to improve our writing. It is easy to explore and try. So thank you for that.

One thing I would like to change is being able to blog about something that I am interested in.  Being a theater major I see multimodal things everywhere. I live and breath multimodal discourse. I would really like to continue to do blogs, it gives me a chance to be creative and express myself.

Thank you Bill,


The battle of the technology!


Technology runs our lives. Everywhere we go we have our phones and computers on us. I am exploring campus taking pictures. Thinking to myself! Wow the campus is so full of events and happenings. I wanted to share all these with you but at last the JPG size on ALL my pictures is too big! I have no clue how to change that! Please Help!!!

🙁  Love, Alicia

All is fair in love and Multimodal posting!

Humans. Humans, Humans HUMANS! As a species we love to disagree with each other and even ourselves. In the text Writer/ Designer we learn what multimodal discourse really means. But how do we use it. I believe that if this type of writing was taught more widely we would be able to understand it better. I think that it makes a majority of us want to pull our hair out and we have only read one chapter.
Look around and you will find that most of our world contains some sort of text the is multimodal. So why is it not being taught to us until now?!
Paring Writer/ Designer and So What? together is proving to be a hard task. I wish I knew more about multiomodal that way it could just come naturally and I would have to try so damn hard to make a good point. Argument is something that is second nature to us, but this style of writing isn’t. So I have deiced that my argument is why the hell is this so hard?
lets looks at the facts
  • This is only the third time I am using this type of writting
  • I am 20 and I have never heard of this before
  • Multimodal is everywhere
  • The above makes my second point mute!
So now I have gone in a circle! I feel almost like I am in middle school having to learn how to write all over again. I am following what is comfortable and all my post have the same layout. I am trying but I feel like I am missing the mark!
Now that I just vented about that, back to my argument. If this information was presented at an earlier time in our lives maybe our writing could be 1000 times better. How are we expected to succeed if we are not given the tools until now?

Exploring the Multimodal World!


We all find it hard to break down the wall when we learn a new skill. Using multimodals has proven to be challenging. Just find word to put on the page is like pulling teeth! The article on how to make a good blog post really helped me realize that everything we do is a design, I think I can apply “ingredients” to all writing not only blogging.PET VET 6

The Writer/Designer has shown me that this new way of writing is closer to me than I realized before for example:

  • Facebook – I think Facebook is the most multimodal device we use. Facebook has become a winding corridor of multimodal examples.
  • E-mail- I find myself more drawn to emails that have the option for color and interesting layouts .
  • Cell Phones- The market for cell phones is very competitive. Companies seem to find more and more ways to dazzle us with a new device. The design of the device is fully mulitmodal, from the way the lock screen to looks to how many different sounds it can make. It is all meant for marketing.
  • Textbooks- Some Textbooks use multimodals very well, while others do not. I find myself more engaged with textbooks that have more pictures and that use more of the modes. Multimodals make learning more interesting.

As people we tend to run from things we do not understand. Multimodals are difficult to understand especially because we have been taught for so long to use our words, so attempting to undo what we have been taught could prove to be quite the challenge.


My third attempt!


After reviewing my assignment I am going to try and make a more engaged post.

I do not think people realize how much writing techniques surround us. Most everything we engage in has some form of writing in it. The TV screens in the Union, the news paper even the internet hold some kind of writing. Now the majority of that writing can be consider professional. The chapter on Multimodals helped me understand how important our writing is. If Multimodals is how we communicate in everyday life then we need to realize how to write correctly. Most everything we write is public.


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