Week One: My Strengths in Leadership

Effective leadership is dependent on both the leader and the need. If these two variables do not add up or see eye to eye then it is likely the pair will not be successful in whatever they aspire to achieve.

As a leader it is important to know, understand, and utilize your strengths. This gives you the ability to help those who could truly benefit from your style of leadership.

This I know: I am adaptable, positive, empathetic, including, and responsible. Four of my five strengths fall under the category of “Relationship Building”. This means that I am most effective in my role as a leader by connecting with others. I have found building genuine and authentic relationships with others is important to me, not only as a leader, but in every aspect of my life.

In a world full of smart phones, tablets, and self-driving cars, I plan to make a difference by looking people in the eyes, and talking to them face to face. I plan to make a difference by being myself and caring about others.