Current Event

I find the Olympics to be an extraordinary set of events to observe. This is because it exemplifies the diversity of hundreds of countries across the world. The Olympics are wonderful because of the competition between athletes, yes, but furthermore we get to watch representatives from nearly every nation and observe they reactions throughout the games.

Competition is everything to a competitor, enough said. These athletes are prestigiously selected and are willfully representing their countries. They are leaders. Their professionalism and attitude is directly reflective to their country’s standard and values (or so we would hope).

Diversity’s Importance in Leadership

Diversity is important to leadership because it allows for expansion. Diversity is the differences and similarities between us all. When we tie leadership, a strong variable, with diversity, it allows for growth in more ways than one.

I believe that spreading awareness on issues in diversity is incredibly important. I think it would be incredibly beneficial to our society and future to begin exposing people of all ages to the issues around diversity. I would hope that talking, and gaining awareness would help develop young minds and hopefully create potential for some reconciliation throughout our country, and more grandly, our world.

Los beneficios del Leadership

I believe leaders should have certain qualities and characteristics, yes. The word quality literally means the level of good or bad in an object, person or place. In this case I do hope for a world in which the leaders are “good”. Yes, “good” is rather irrelevant when taken out of context and thrown into solitude. However, when paired with the context brought upon by words such as “person”, “world”, “government”, or “leader” I feel a bit more at ease. Although there are various ways in which we can measure the success of a leader, general goodness to the wellbeing of the leaders led is what I would be most likely to judge upon.

Leaders gain credibility by gaining trust. Building trust is tricky business. Individuals reward trust to another based on a specific set of characteristics and circumstances that makes them feel safe. When we feel safe we are more susceptible to the influences that surround us. When we welcome new ideas, concepts, or people into our lives we are giving them, as well as ourselves an  opportunity to thrive, grow, and hopefully build more credibility.

The purpose of leadership is to stand up for an individual, group of people, or cause that you care for. The role of a leader holds many responsibilities. As a leader your voice gets converted in a way. It once spoke for you alone, but now it speaks for a group. This is why careful consideration is essential in order to properly and purposefully communicate the words or your cause.

Unfortunately there are leaders whose power goes to their heads. Nobody is perfect, nor is no leader. Leaders can do harm to an individual or group, whether intentional or by pure accident. This is the risk we run as people; stepping on the toes of others. That is why I believe leaders should have the utmost of care, consideration, and consciousness in order to help as many as they can sans hurting or offending any one or thing along the way.

A Theory of My Own

I feel that if I had to choose a theory to roll with, well, I couldn’t. That is why I shall create my own theory and style when the time comes that will organically form into the style of leadership that is needed and that I can provide. Of course I will dip into existing theories in order to establish a foundation, and learn from other peoples successes and failures.

I think flexibility of style is key to being a successful leader because it allows you to adapt to the needs required of you.

I think all areas of leadership are up for discussion, and so infinite research can be pursued. I believe this because there are no definite answers in any field.

Curiosity is born from passion, and passion stems from the growth of curiosity. Thats my theory.